Saturday, 16 April 2011

Big Wardrobe...

I'm completely fed up with eBay! The listing fees, then the paypal fees, then the final value fees, it just seems totally pointless bothering. Along with the con merchants selling on there with fake goods, things going missing or generally being crap!

I came across the website Big Wardrobe and have been using it for a few months now and have swapped lots of goodies! Here's what they have to say...

About Us

Welcome to, the world’s No.1 fashion exchange website.

People don’t wear 25% of the items in their wardrobes. So, we created Bigwardrobe, the home to literally tonnes (over 100 actually!) of pre-loved fashion garments, all in need of new owners.

You can use Bigwardrobe to:
1) Swap things you don't wear for things you will,
2) Turn your unwanted clothes, shoes and bags back into cash, or
3) Buy yourself a new outfit at a bargain price.

Bigwardrobe houses a vast mix of labels (from Gucci and Stella McCartney to Miss Sixty and Topshop). Plus, with nearly 70,000 members - or 70,000 wardrobes to plunder - and the ability to sell or swap items, the net result is that you end up with lots of new clothes, or extra money in your pocket.

The community extends into 140 countries and is growing daily. In just 2 years, more than 300,000 items have been listed.

The most popular categories are women’s dresses, bags and shoes. However, you’ll also find an area for children’s clothing and menswear too.

Our ultimate aim is to create the world's biggest online wardrobe, where the huge quantity of unworn and stockpiled fashion in people's homes around the world is redistributed online.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Are you a member? Or would you like to join? BIG WARDROBE! My username is also pinklittlebean :)


  1. hello!
    Thank you for following my blog!
    (just to let you know, your blog link doesnt show up in your profile, so I had to google your name to find yours, just letting you know incase you weren't aware) :)

    I'd never heard of Big Wardrobe, sounds good!


    this is the eyeliner i use :) xx


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