Sunday, 17 April 2011


I currently live with my brother. He works as a barman, and while I was at work on Friday, he text me asking if I could pick up a watermelon for him...

He'd had a dream the previous night that he'd created all these weird and wonderful cocktails and wanted to try one of them out!

The one he recreated from his dream was a Watermelon Martini and I have to say, it was awesome!

Watermelon Martini

This serves one, it does contain a lot of alcohol but you can't actually taste it - so please bear this in mind N


ê37.5ml Vodka or Citrus Vodka
ê12.5ml Melon Liquer (I bought a bottle of this in either Lidl or Aldi for super cheap)
ê2 Squeezes of 2 lime segments
êDash of Sugar Gomme (2 part water to 1 part sugar)
ê100ml of Watermelon Juice (fresh if possible - chop, de-seed and blitz the melon with a bit of water, otherwise you could use Rubicon Watermelon Juice Drink, this will make it a bit sweeter though. You can find Rubicon in the world food section of most supermarkets.)

Put all of the ingredients into a Boston shaker with cubed ice, shake, strain into a chilled martini glass.



Another lovely cocktail recipe I thought it would be rude not to share is the following, created by Jamie Dunn...


Serves one, perfect for on a warm day - even better made as a pitcher to drink with a picnic in the park R


ê50ml Gin (Jack recommends Millers)
ê12.5ml Elderflower Syrup
ê3 Squeezes of 3 lemon segments
êTea boiled and cooled (eg. PG Tips) 175ml tea approx or 2/3 of a mug

Make tea, put in Boston shaker with ice (to cool) and shake! Strain.
Add all the ingredients (including the cooled tea) into a fresh Boston shaker with cubed Ice.
Shake the F'in hell out of it!

Serve in a slim glass and try not to drink it too quickly!! :)

NB: I will add pics once I get him to make them again!! :)

He also mentioned making a mint choc chip ice cream style cocktail, once I obtain the information and sample it I will share the knowledge!! ;)


  1. This is brilliant! I love the fact he dreamt it and made it a reality! It's really inspiring. How let's get drunk!

  2. Hehe, well if you ever come over to Sheffield you'll have to try one! :)

    I'd been on a (self imposed) drinking ban for 3 weeks but fell off the wagon once he whipped up these! :p

  3. wow this needs to be done!!! xx


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