Friday, 22 April 2011

Meadowhall Trip Haul

This afternoon I went to my boyfriends parents to do an Easter egg hunt (my Mum had devised one and I organised it for the kids), which was lovely! It was brilliant sunshine and we had a barbeque :) One of his sisters had a baby this morning too, she's named her Jasmine.

As I mentioned in last nights post, I went to Meadowhall yesterday, below are some of the things I picked up :)
 The goodies!
 Bird Scarf from Primark (£3)
 Sunglasses Case and Sunnies from Primark (£1.50 and £1)
 Felt Pork Pie Hat from New Look (£6 in the sale)
 Watermelon Purse from H&M Kids (£1.99 I think)
I wanted to get a little purse to put my jewellery in when I have to take it out for work, this is the pefect size!
 Owl Ring from New Look (50p in the sale)
 Hello Kitty Geeky Keyring from Claires (£4.50 for 2)
I've kept one of these and going to use the other as a gift.
 Max Factor Lip Tint in Plum (Used my Boots Advantage Card to pay) 
 Lint Roller from H&M (99p)
Not very interesting item, but I thought it was cute with the flamingos on it!!
Polka Dot Wash Bag from Primark (£2)
I wanted to get another small wash bag to have on hand when I go up to my boyfriends.

I also bought some other (not very exciting) bits,  including some M&S Percy Pigs for my brother (as he seemed a bit down yesterday) and a few pressies as I've got quite a few birthdays coming up, but haven't put them up, just in case it ruins the surprise!! :)


  1. ooh...let me know what the max factor lip tint is like. Quite fancy the look of it!

  2. It is very nice (and actually tastes yum too!) but possibly a bit too dark for my skin tone...

    I'll do a swatch post at some point (or add it to this one!) x


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