Wednesday, 20 April 2011


After years and years of wanting a tattoo, I finally got one done in January. I'd wanted one done since I can remember! My boyfriend was asking me what I wanted for my birthday and then suggested he pay for me to get one done.
(This is straight after having it done so my foots a bit puffy, I will get another healed pic!)

I've had piercings (21 to date, although many are "retired" ;)) but just never settled on what exactly I wanted to get tattooed.

I didn't want something that anyone else had, or to go in a shop and say "I want that please!". I really like the Japanese style of tattooing and decided on a Lotus as it symbolizes many things. I went to a tattoo and piercing shop called Thou Art in Sheffield with some ideas of what I had in mind, the size, colours and some pictures of lotuses.

When I went back on "d-day", the tattooist, Jim had drawn an outline of the lotus - it was perfect. He said he would freehand the water detail.

The tattoo took about an hour and a half to do. I'd prepared myself as I'd read and heard so many people say that it absolutely kills having it done on your foot! It wasn't actually as bad as I had imagined (I compare most pain to when I had both my toenails pretty much ripped off with no anaesthetic... But that's another story that I can't imagine anyone would like to read!!)

The actual tattoo is better than I actually imagined it, credit to Jim! I absolutely love it...

But! I now have the bug! I am already thinking about what I'd like done next!

I would definitely like another on my foot to make them match, I was thinking of a koi carp (to keep with the theme) and the same kind of water detail.

My other love is skulls... I would love to get a skull of some description... I love sugar skulls but also have other ideas, I just don't know where I would have it placement wise. Any suggestions? I also have lots of other ideas  (in reality I would love a sleeve!), but one step at a time eh :)

Have you got any tattoos or plans for any? :)


  1. Sweet tattoo, a koi carp would be sooo nice, plus ive never seen a tattoo like it before! One of my friends has two skulls with bows on, one each on the back of her thighs, so when she wears stockings it looks like part of the design, kinda cute and cool.

  2. it looks great! i am not brave enough to get a tattoo, but yours looks awesome! :)

  3. That tattoo is gorgeous! I've just got the one on my wrist - it's a star made of music notes in black and pink which I designed myself, I was thinking of having a snowflake on my other wrist (since I love winter!). I wanted a sleeve for ages too, but my boyfriend is dead against it :( lol x

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments :) x


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