Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Week in Pictures 30/04/11

My parents came up on Tuesday evening for a couple of days, hence the absense!

I had a lovely time with them and thought I'd share a few pictures...
 On Tuesday evening we went to Kashmiri Aroma, a lovely Indian restaurant in Woodseats (Sheffield). I've been a few times before and enjoyed it every time!

The staff are absolutely fab, attentive (but not annoyingly so!), polite and helpful.

I had the prawn paratha (a starter but I had it as a main with some rice), I'm a creature of habit and think I've had it each time we've been in! I loved it (although realise the picture doesn't look that appetising?!) My brother says it's the best curry he's ever had!
 On Wednesday morning my ELF order arrived. It came very quickly (especially considering it was the bank holiday) and well packaged. I'd ordered a eye widenereyebrow kitbrush shampoo, and a fan brush.

The items came to £10, which is good value in itself, in addition to this they had an offer if you spent £10 or more you received an eyeshadow palette, worth £9!

 I will do a separate post reviewing the products!
 My Mum had bought my brother and I a Groupon voucher to have a snowboarding lesson at Xcape! (The indoor ski slope at Castleford).
 Me getting ready to go!!
 Standing up! I'm very proud I didn't fall over at all :) Had a fab time, my brother and I will definitely be going back!
 We'd spent the afternoon having a look around the Junction 32 shopping outlet, I actually love it there! So after shopping and snowboarding, we had a well deserved pizza at Pizza Express! :)

I had the Soho (no olives!) which is my absolute favourite - tomato, garlic oil, rocket, grana padano - yummy! Oh, and a glass of red wine, of course ;)

On Thursday morning my parents were travelling down to London for the last couple of days of their break and I went down with them, I'll save that for my next post though!


  1. Must try Kashmiri Aroma. Only heard good things about it. Funny that you went to Junction 32. I grew up in Pontefract!

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous there, hopefully going again next Friday for the boyfriends birthday! I may even try something different!! :)

  3. GREAT POST YOU HAVE A NICE BLOG... please feel free to check out my blog....

  4. Thank you, will check it out! :) x

  5. Thank you! I will take a look! :) (I commented before the "blogger meltdown" but here it is again! :)) x


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