Sunday, 15 May 2011


A little bit about me...

I was born in Barnet, North London and moved to Cornwall when I was three (with my parents I hasten to add, I would have been a very independent three year old otherwise ;))

I lived on the Lizard Point in Cornwall (Cadgwith to be exact) until I was 18 and then left to study at University in Sheffield.

8 years later and I'm still here! :)

Anyway, brief history of where I have resided aside, I'm going to be visiting Cornwall in a few weeks time, for possibly the last time in a while (I've actually not been home for about 18 months!)

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I (and Mr Pinklittlebean) could do?

We'll definitely be going to the Eden Project as we're going to see the Flaming Lips - woo :)

I was thinking maybe a trip to the Minack Theatre as I've not been there since I was at primary school... Maybe a mosey around Falmouth? Any other suggestions? :)


  1. Your hometown is so breathtakingly beautiful!! :D Look forward to see more updates from your , especially after the big haul ;D Feel free to visit/Follow mine, as i would be happy to do the same for you ;)


  2. It is very pretty, yes! Thank you :)

    I will take a look at your blog x


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