Saturday, 21 May 2011

Mini Update and Giveaway Reminder!

Hello :) Hope you are all well and having a nice weekend so far! Any plans?

I'm going out in a bit for a friends birthday. We're just going to the pub, but I'm having a bit of a crisis of "what to wear"! I have absolutely no inspiration at all today :( I got some high waisted shorts recently and haven't worn them yet, but don't want to look like a boy scout if I get it wrong :S

Any suggestions?? I'll post pics if I come up with something post-worthy! :)

I went for a nap earlier as I was feeling a bit blah so I'm trying to perk myself up now with a can of Mountain Dew Energy (I don't usually drink fizzy but I'm a bit hooked on this!)

Tomorrow it's Mr Pinklittlebeans parents birthday lunch/party. I made a Fizzy Lemon & Cola Tart from a Gizzi Erskine Recipe I'd found in a magazine a while ago, I'll share the recipe with you in a separate post (providing it goes down well!!)

It has coca cola and popping candy in, so the results could be interesting! I'm hoping it tastes as good as it sounds because it's taken quite a while to make!

Tomorrow evening I'm meeting one of my friends for her birthday and we're going for sushi at Sakushi in Sheffield. I'm quite excited about that (and of course seeing her!) I've been craving sushi for a while :) I'll try and remember to take some pictures!

May is a busy month for birthdays!

Also, a little reminder (if you haven't already!), why not enter my first mini giveaway? You could win these goodies! :)


  1. fizzy lemon and cola tart? holy crap that sounds IMMENSE.

  2. Thank you for the comments! It was very tasty!! I've now posted the recipe ;) x

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