Friday, 13 May 2011

A Night in Pictures 07/05/11

I thought I'd share a few pics from last weekends housewarming/birthday affair...
I tidied the flat up - evidence!!
  The spread, I love a good spread me ;)
 The only picture I took of my boozey jelly creation... Which actually turned into a mini disaster!

I'd planned to layer it... The red layer was raspberry flavour with gin in, the orange layer was orange with melon liquer in and the yellow layer was lemon with limoncello in!

The outcome was tasty (I'd also made mini jelly shots in little glasses) but the bottom layer hadn't "stuck" with the top two so it came out separately! I think I need a bit more practise but it all got eaten :)

The drink behind it (next to the Gordons can!) is the remnants of a Yorkshire G&Tea - they went down a treat, I wish I'd made more but our fridge is a bit pathetic size wise! Recipe can be found here!
 I love my friends t-shirt!
A very tipsy me (on the left, look at my eyes!!) and my friend Emma! She is an artist and makes lovely jewellery which you can find here!



  1. i love that print you have above the table! the wave, it's a japanese painting, no?

  2. Lovely photos :)
    I like your blog !
    If you like french fashion, you should visit mine, and maybe follow me if you like it ;)


  3. Thank you for the lovely comments! :)

    And yes Eva, you are correct! It is the wave, I love it :)

    I will take a look at your blogs x

  4. where is that t shirt from with the lollipops? my boyfriend wants it! xo

  5. Have just realised I never responded to this - I'm not sure where he got the t-shirt from, I will ask next time I see him :)

    Clare x


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