Saturday, 25 June 2011

Quick Update...

Hello :)
Sorry I have been AWOL for the past few days... I've managed to get a cold (yep, in June!) so have been tucked up in bed for the past few days feeling sorry for myself!

Some of you may have seen on twitter (you can follow me here!) I have been looking into getting contacts.
I went into town today as I had a lens assessment (which I'd got quite excited about!).
The optician put the lens's in for me the first time and then I had to come back half an hour later to learn how to take them out and put them in myself.
I didn't have any trouble with my left eye. My right eye on the other hand, was a total nightmare!
I spent about 15/20 minutes poking about trying to get the lens out. The lady showing me how was helping and advising. She was showing me all kinds of methods but I just couldn't get it out!

My eye was a red bloodshot watering mess :(
To cut a long story short... The contact lens wasn't even in my eye! The optician had to come through and look and there was no blinkin lens!! Argh!
I've got to go back on Monday morning for another go, so fingers crossed it will be better this time!!

I'm going home to Cornwall on Monday for a few days with Mr Pinklittlebean and then the following week will be going down to London to meet a friend so will be doing a few scheduled posts over the next couple of weeks :)
In other news... Glossybox? Who got their June one? What did you think?
It was my first box and I have to say I was slightly disappointed, mainly by the email I received upping the price!

I will do a mini review at some point in the next few weeks.
Right, ramblings over! I'm going to be doing separate post about a giveaway in a moment :)


  1. Ahh it took me weeks to master putting my lenses in, I was so scared at first! Luckily managed it in the end and I've been wearing them for about 7 years now so don't give up!

  2. I'm looking forard to trying again tomorrow :)

    I think it was just a bad experience - hopefully they will actually stay in my eye this time so I can take them out ;)

    Clare x


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