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Snacking - Pick of the Day 04/06/11

So I thought as one of my (probably) favourite pastimes is eating/snacking, I'd do a feature about it ;)

I always have a little something in my bag to nibble on and take a little bag of goodies into work with me to munch on. 

About a year ago, my family went to Istanbul for a holiday and on one of the first days we were out, I started to feel a bit funny and my brother started to get a bit irritable... My Mum then produced some snacks out of her bag. Mr Pinklittlebean had come with us and stood in disbelief!

"You are both in your twenties and your Mum carries around snacks in her bag like you are a pair of toddlers!"

And he was right! I think we both must get big dips in our blood sugar if we don't eat regularly.

My brother hit the nail on the head the other night when we went for a meal with our parents. 

Jack: "I'm HANGRY"

Us: "You're what?!"

Jack: "I'm HANGRY! Hungry and angry!!"

Us: "Ohh!"

Anyway, that all aside! I thought I would introduce one of my newest, favourite snacks!

Bear Granola Nibbles

So far I have tried 2 out of the 3 Granola Nibble Varieties (Tropical Crunch is next on my list!)

They are described as a delicious blend of whole grains and
fruit baked into crunchy granola nibbles.

Apple Crumble

Whats inside?
whole grain oats & maize
baked apples pieces (9%)
apple, grape and carob extract
absolutely nothing else.

Cocoa Cherry Pie

What’s inside?
whole grain oats & maize
cherry pieces (9%)
(cherries & apple puree)
coconut, nibbed cocoa beans (6%)
apple, grape and carob extract
absolutely nothing else.

The Apple Crumble was crunchy and cinnamonny (if that can be used as a descriptive term ;)) I liked the pieces of dried apple too. It would be a yummy addition to your muesli or porridge!

The Cocoa Cherry Pie was delicious! It tasted of dark chocolate and had a lovely crunch to it. The dried cherry was a brilliant combination with the granola.

I love both of the granola nibbles but at a push I'd say the Cocoa Cherry Pie was my favourite.

Both varieties satisfied my sweet tooth and were actually filling (which I find a lot of "snacks" aren't!) and at 98 calories a packet, they are perfect for those who are trying to watch what they eat :)

The Granola nibbles are also high in fibre and count as one of your three a day whole grains. A final bonus is that both the snacks are suitable for vegans :)

You can buy these online on the Bear website or in certain supermarkets! (I bought mine in Waitrose!)

Bear are also on Twitter and are very lovely to tweet!!

Can anyone recommend any other (healthy!) snacks for me? :)


  1. Yay, another BEAR lover! I am never without a snack or six in my bag. My favourite indulgence is an order from! x

  2. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  3. Yum! I lovee cinnammon of any kind ;p
    If only they have those here in Indonesia..
    Your mom is so cute! Bringing snacks for her children.. My mom would never!


  4. The hangry bit made me laugh, I get irritable if I haven't eaten as well. Those snacks look really nice, might have to get some to try :) X

  5. Hey, How are you?
    Your blog is really charming!!
    I am definitely following!!
    Could you follow me too?
    Oh, follow the new twitter if you can? @_justforgirls
    Kisses kisses
    Alice Dias!!

  6. these look yummy! the packaging is super cute too! x

  7. These sound delicious, I will have to keep an eye out for them next time I'm shopping!

  8. i do love to snack - infact im off to get something to eat now as just the thought of it has made me starving x

  9. wow i need to try these! This is my downfall when i'm bored i snack on crappy junk food but these seem good! Plus the packaging is kinda cute xx

  10. These look totally amazing! I NEED to try these ASAP! However, maybe I should take out the 'ASAP' bit otherwise I might to too much snacking way too quickly haha! xxx

  11. Thank you for the lovely comments! :)

    The Bear goodies are delish - they are such a nice company too, follow them if you are on twitter! :)

    Clare x


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