Sunday, 31 July 2011

Like me? ☺

I've just created a Facebook page for my blog...

I would love it if you could give pinklittlebean on Facebook a like :)

Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? Can you let me know what it is? :)


  1. We have a facebook page :)

    Bhav x

  2. I have liked you hehe! thanks for your sweet comments clare! just taken my blog offline for a few days, trying to gijj it up abit! i get a bit restless now and then! pinklittlebean has taken off really well! i like to read your beauty posts! its cool to read youve been to a few blogger meets2! what where they like? there was one in brighton in june i think but i never went! do you know if theres anymore coming up? i wish i could go to the big ones in arizona!! xcx


I ♥ receiving comments & I will always try and return them! If you like my blog, why not follow me? :)

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