Wednesday, 20 July 2011

NOTD 17/07/11 and Mini Update!

A mini update to say hello! I've been away for a few days so haven't been able to post but I have plenty of ideas lined up and will be doing a post about what I've been up to! :)

I will also be announcing the winner of my ELF giveaway by the end of this week! :)
I did my nails like this last weekend, still on the fruity/summer theme :)

I used a dotting pen for the watermelon "seeds" and did the edges freehand (which is why they are a bit wonky!)

I'll edit this post and update with what nail polishes I used but I'm going to go to bed now as I'm a bit tired! Zzz....


  1. Aww wow I love those nail designs!! :) x

  2. Uhooi,,
    It's very nice, sweet and creative,,

  3. I want to chomp on your fingers - so cute!

  4. Love Love Love these!! x


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