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Trip to London July 2011

NOTE: V Picture heavy!! :)

On Wednesday I went down to London for a couple of days to meet up with my friend Jenna, who I went to college with.

She had come up from Cornwall as she was home for a little while as she's now working in the Cayman Islands.

I thought I'd show you what we got up to! I have now realised most of the pictures are of food! We did do other stuff, like err shopping, but I took pictures of the *ahem* important stuff ;)
When we arrived, we went straight to Camden Lock for a wander round the market.

I had written down a few addresses for places to try Bubble Tea and as we were in the area, we stopped by Chaboba for a bubble tea to try :) I liked all the equipment!
Jenna tried the Mango Green Tea Bubble Tea (left) and I had the Lychee Green Tea Bubble Tea (right) - we both loved them!

It's a really unusual drink but really yummy! I would recommend trying it out! I can't wait for my next bubble tea "fix"! I think I will have to look into making some myself.
We went and found our hotel (we managed to get a place in Clapham Common for £44 per night including breakfast which was pretty good value) and then we ventured to Covent Garden to get some grub :)

I'd got a voucher for food and drink for the two of us for £20 in The Real Greek so thought we'd try it out. I only remembered to take a picture of the food once we'd almost finished, but it was all really tasty and good value for a tenner each, including a glass of vino :)

I also got to satisfy my halloumi cheese addiction! :)
While we were in there I realised Preston from the Ordinary Boys was sat behind us, so I "casually" tried to take a picture on my phone :P

He was wearing short shorts.
My Mum had spotted on Keynoir that there was an offer on for Cocktails at Circus in Covent Garden, so we thought we'd try it out!
 Jenna had a Raspberry Mule as her first cocktail - it was delish! The raspberries were fresh and muddled with the rest of the drink :)
I *think* that my cocktail was called Circus Princess (although I could quite possibly have made that up!) it had gin and jasmine tea in it and it was GORGEOUS! :)
With our second cocktails! Mine had ginger in and was very tasty! Jenna had a Kumquat & Almond Caipirinha and it was yum too! I am super jealous of her tan - I look positively pasty in comparison!
The venue itself is pretty awesome! They have performers coming on during intervals in the restaurant part and actually performing on/over the table! Definitely a talking piece! :)
The bathroom is worth a visit on its own! You walk into it and it's like a hall of mirrors and the taps are pretty mystifying (well, we'd had a couple of cocktails, that was our excuse and I'm sticking to it!) and looked really cool! :)

The following day, we took a trip to Spitalfields Market. We had planned to go round a few of the other markets like Petticoat Lane and Brick Lane but it was chucking it down which was a shame! :( I bought a dress with skulls on it while we were there and love it - I will take a picture of it at some point!

We headed over to Euston around lunchtime to a place that I love going called the Diwana Bhel Poori House. It's vegetarian and vegan friendly so we were both happy! :)
We went for the buffet lunch which is £6.95 and worth every penny! :) They have an awesome selection of dishes to try, I would highly recommend the lentil dhal we had!
Another highlight is that pudding is included in the price! :)  I had a mango lassi with my meal and my bill came to under £10 for everything!

They have an array of Indian sweets and exotic fruit - I got a selection and I was in dessert heaven! :) After lunch we went over the road to one of the Indian sweet shops to pick up some goodies to take home.

If you wanted to take a trip there yourself, the actual address is 121 Drummond Street, NW1 2HL (if you get the tube to Euston, it is just a short walk from there!) :)
Later on, the weather had cleared up so we ventured up to Oxford Street.

I was beaten by Primark - I literally couldn't cope and had to go and sit outside! I have never seen it so busy in there in my life! It was a very sad day for me! (And when I told Mr Pinklittlebean he didn't believe me!!)

We also braved it to the Oxford Street Topshop. We tried a mini cupcake from Lolas which is inside the store (would you believe we had any room for cake? Always room for cake!) I've always wanted to try Red Velvet and it didn't disappoint! It was the perfect size too for a taster.

We ventured into a few of the other big shops along the road. My bargain of the trip was a fish eye lomo camera in Urban Outfitters for £20 - it's gold and glittery :)
I love this sign I spotted as we were walking through Soho :)
It was the Harry Potter final premiere whilst we were in London and it was all a bit, well, Harry Potter crazy!

On my coach on the way down, there were quite a lot of people who were on there way to London in the hope of getting a glimpse of some of the stars at the premiere!

We overheard them talking to another family who were leaving, who had managed to get wristbands (I guess to maybe get near the red carpet?) they were from the States and had planned their whole holiday around the premiere!

While we were sat down, we saw a couple of girls go into the restaurant next door with a massive signed Harry Potter picture, I think they were guarding it with their lives!!

I had a fantastic time in London with Jenna :) can't wait til she comes back to the UK next! :)

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  1. Awww!! These pictures are so lovely! It looks like you had such a great time!! I can't wait to go to London!! :)


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