Thursday, 18 August 2011

#BrumBloggersMeet July 2011!

I'm a little bit late on the update stakes but here's my post about the #Brumbloggersmeet :)

So, a few weeks back, as some of you have probably already read(!) it was the #BrumBloggersMeet which was organised by the fabulous Claire and Fritha!
I was a bit nervous about actually going as I'm pretty new to blogging but thought I would go for it, so bought my tickets as soon as I said yes, so there was no going back! :)
I arrived a little bit early so I was there in plenty of time and had a little wander. I then went to meet the girls in Starbucks!

The girls were super organised and had got some name stickers on hand! This was brilliant as I'm absolutely useless at remembering names! :-/

We stayed there for a little while and had a chat before moving onto some photo taking and shopping!

A group of us headed to Forever 21 first, I got a bit sidetracked by pretty things in there so spent ages looking at stuff! I'm a bit of a solo shopper as it happens! (i.e. when I shop, I'm on a bit of a mission!)
Picture by Fritha!
Some more of the lovely ladies!
We had food at Red Peppers in the Mailbox, which was delish! There was a fab selection of food and the staff were brilliant at accommodating us all! :)

I'd looked at the menu the night before and thought I'd go for the veggie enchiladas... On the train to Birmingham I picked up a Mexican bean wrap and as I was tucking in I had that total food planning fail moment so decided against double helpings of Mexican food and decided on a... Margarita pizza.

Yes, I have the food taste of a 5 year old. I was happy with my choice but the waiter managed to twist my arm into having something a little more adventurous so I went for a Margarita pizza with rocket and Parmesan. Yep, more cheese. I love cheese.
As you can see from the picture above of us all outside of the Bullring, we were all given some mysterious yellow bags from sponsors that the girls had organised for us... Here is what was inside of them!

They caused quite a commotion in Birmingham that day as there were 20 of us walking about with them so people were asking where we were from! They were very good for locating the group!

We were absolutely spoilt! When I got home my brother thought I had gone a bit mad shopping! It was a bit like Christmas! Thank you so much Claire & Fritha for sorting it out and thank you to all of the lovely companies for giving us the gorgeous goodies! :)
The lovely goodies from Max C London!
Pretty Max C vest for the Summer! :)
Crown & Glory went through the trouble of seeing who was attending the meet-up and gave us something that reflected what we like... They were spot on with my beautiful pin badges! I LOVE cake!! :D
John Richard Jewellery gave us some beautiful jewellery!
Selina brought along some fab Motel Goodies! I couldn't wait to try out the Models Own nail polish! :)
I love the t-shirt, it's such a nice fit :)
Sara brought us some gorgeous goodies from Missguided! I instantly fell in love with the skull scarf! I love the colour! Fritha put hers on straight away as a head scarf and it looked awesome! :)
After dinner, we were allowed to choose an item from a bag of clothing that Clothing at Tesco had generously donated. I chose this gorgeous dress. I've got a few weddings coming up and can't wait to wear it at one! :)

Thank you so much again to Claire and Fritha for organising the meet up and for sorting out all of the goodies and surprises. And thank you to all the companies for giving us the goodies! :) It was just brilliant! :)

It was lovely to meet everyone and I had such a nice day! The only thing I was a bit gutted about was that I didn't get to speak to everyone there! :( (and that I didn't stay for the night out!!!)

Fingers crossed there will be a re-union, can't wait to see you all again! :)

Clare X

Here are links to the blogs of everyone who was there :)



  1. ah it was such a fabulous day!! i'm hoping for another one at some point, as it's impossible to get to tlk to everyone!

  2. That Tesco dress you chose is lovely!


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