Monday, 15 August 2011

LOOK's Blogging Competition Entry!

A little bit of background...
I graduated from University 5 years ago, with a degree in Events management.
I got quite poorly after University and ended up losing interest in almost all the things I once loved... Music, going to gigs, meeting friends, days out, taking photos, going to festivals...
I just stopped doing them.
Over time, I got better and I’m slowly getting back into things.
I started my blog as a means of being creative and also a way of documenting what I’ve been up to. The blog has given me a bit of direction and I have found something that I enjoy doing and look forward to doing. I love sharing what I have been up to and reviewing or recommending things.
When I was at college and university, I was never without my camera. Even before digital cameras, I would always have a disposable camera at hand to click away!
The blog has given me something so I remember to take photos when I’m out, from food I’m about to eat for my dinner to outfits of the day. Even if I don’t use the photos, I’m reverting back to my old “snap happy” self again :)
The one thing that I never lost interest in was fashion. Without sounding cheesy, it is one of the things I still treasured. I still enjoyed looking through magazines to see what people were wearing, perusing the shops on a Saturday and seeing what bargains I could get on eBay!
I would love to be in the front row at The Look Show AW11 at Westfield Stratford City as not only does it include one of my favourite things fashion, I would not just love to write about the show (and snap away!) I would also love to see the show from an event perspective!
I would absolutely adore to eventually work in Fashion Events. I feel that this would be a fantastic opportunity to see what happens.
I am fairly new to blogging, having started my blog in April. I almost feel “not worthy” of winning the competition, but I hope that you might give me the chance to go for it :)
It has given me the confidence I was perhaps lacking previously, about self belief - just going for things and not worrying what other people think.
I’m not going to say that I’m any kind of fashion guru, but I know what I like! :)
I’m also quite partial to cheese (not sure if that’ll sway your decision, but it’s worth a go!) :)


  1. I love cheese too!

    Good luck withy our entry! x

  2. good luck hun. I'm sure you'll get it! xcx

  3. Mmmm cheese. Melted cheese.
    Lol sorry got distracted with the cheese comment there. Good luck with it! I was gonna enter but then i bottled it lol so hope you do well :)



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