Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Magners Cider Specials Review

I hope that you are all safe and haven't been affected by the riots that have been going on. I can't express how sad it makes me feel. I can't begin to imagine what some people are going through.

It makes me happy to see people posting pictures of positive things that have been happening in the aftermath, be it people making policemen cups of tea, donating things to people who have lost their homes or helping clear up the mess that has been left.

It restores faith in humanity :)

Apologies once more for going AWOL, I've been pretty busy this past week with work and other mundane things...

After work the other night I was feeling a bit frazzled so thought I'd treat myself to a bottle of something nice...

I had a look in the booze ailse and came across these two in the cider section!
I actually love cider, so didn't hesitate to pop them in my basket!
Magners Specials
Spiced Apple and Rhubarb

This has a gorgeous, spiced taste - almost like mulled wine with a slight sharpness afterwards from the rhubarb along with the sweetness too. I would like to try it again warm to see if it worked... It's very yummy and I'd recommend it!
Magners Specials
Pear and Ginger

This one tasted more of ginger than pear, in a pleasant way! You did still taste pear but it wasn't quite as strong as some pear ciders. It was quite similar to some of the alcoholic ginger beers.

I think out of the two, the rhubarb was my favourite! Having said that, I would buy both again! :)


  1. Ohhh yum, I'm not a massive cider fan but I must try these!

  2. I really really dislike pear cider (or anything pear flavoured apart from actual pears for that matter!) but I think I'll try and track down some of the apple and rhubarb flavour. it sounds scrummy!

  3. Warning American comment ahead - Dude I'm so there with the spiced apple and rhubarb! :D

  4. Man, this post made me soo thirsty for some cider! To me, the pear and ginger sounds best for me so I'll definitely be trying some of that! x


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