Thursday, 22 September 2011

Alex James Presents Harvest 2011


A couple of weekends ago, My Mum, Brother and I headed down to Oxfordshire to spend the weekend at Harvest Festival.

There were 3 guys dressed like this just cycling round :)
Yummy wrap! I loved all the food I tried at the festival, it made quite a change from the usual festival "offerings"!
Teenage Cancer Trust had a tent with all kinds of awesome pics of musicians with food.

They had a book for sale in aid of TCT and it looked brilliant.

Ah, Henderson's! :)
These guys were fun to watch!
The ice cream wasn't actually that nice :( not sure what's going on with my face. Think I might have been marvelling at the fact I looked like a giant!
The "landlord" :)
My new favourite shoes :) (look how clean they are! Doesn't seem quite right at a festival really does it?!)
Gilles Peterson was pretty good but was on at about 4.30 in the afternoon which seemed a bit weird from a programming point of view!?
Our poor Mum had to put us with us all weekend :D
Fat Freddy's Drop, who are quite brilliant. If you haven't heard anything by them, check them out. My favourite song is called "Wandering Eye" which I kept calling "Whispering Eye" accidentally as I'm a bit of a retard.
Wicker Man!
The detail on the "wicker man" was awesome!
I genuinely thought that this was Marco Pierre White... It isn't. It's Jay Rayner. He's very funny.
I loved the name of this stall... And the fact that it was pie and mash was a winner too :)
The Kooks!

I had a fab weekend!

There was quite a bit going on either on the main stage with bands or on the other stage which had "foody stuff" going on. We alternated between the two.

There was definitely a different crowd to what you might find at say Glastonbury (we did actually see David Cameron and his wife walking round, which made me laugh) but it was a nice, chilled atmosphere which was good.

The selection of food was brilliant, and even better if you eat meat (which I don't) - I think my brother thought he'd died and gone to heaven!! He kept going back to the hog roast stall. I really enjoyed my halloumi, bean and butternut squash pie from "Mash Up" :) There was also a fab selection of booze available too :)

I think my favourite things were seeing Fat Freddy's Drop and watching Jay Rayner.

It was the first year it had been held at Alex James's so I think there were a few teething problems, but we really enjoyed ourselves!

Mum had got us on guest list for it luckily, I think the tickets were just over £100 otherwise.

Oh, one thing very important thing I forgot to mention... The toilets were SO clean (seriously)!! :)


  1. ahh i frigging love jay rayner, would do pretty much anything to meet him! this sounds immense, glad you had a nice time xx

  2. looks like you had a great time... im just thinking about pie and mash now :D

  3. awesome! I love niche festivals like this! love your hunter boots too! ive wanted some lace up ones for ages!!xxx


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