Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mini Update...

Hello! :)

Hope that you are all well!

I'm currently in the process of writing up a few new blog posts but thought I'd give you a mini update...

I've been quite busy over the past couple of weeks.

I went to Harvest Festival last weekend which was fab (food and music, possibly my two favourite things combined!) and this weekend just gone I went to Missies Pudding Club, which was equally as awesome! I will be posting about these separately! :)

I met up with some other bloggers based in Sheffield/Leeds for cocktails at the Wick at Both Ends in Sheffield (probably one of my favourite bars here!).

I met Alice, Claire, Emily, Emma, Lil and Steph - they are all lovely and hopefully we'll meet up again soon! :)

It was one of my friends from works babys Naming Ceremony on Saturday which was really sweet.

I have applied to do Come Dine With Me and had a telephone interview for it last week! The details are then passed over to the producers for them to have a look at. I'm not sure that they'll choose me as I'm probably not interesting enough but it was quite exciting to get the phone call!

A bit of naff news was that I had to leave my second job at Lush as I couldn't fit both jobs in/clashing rota's. I was working 6 days a week doing both too :( I'm a bit sad about it but I'm sure something else will come up!

I did however, get some brilliant news that my Mum is finally moving up to Sheffield! It's all definitely happening now so I'm over the moon :)

Yesterday, I finally had my remaining 3 wisdom teeth removed...

I thought I was having 1 maybe 2 out and then going back for a separate appointment but the dentist at the hospital said they could do them all in one go as it should be pretty simple.

Long story short, it wasn't! 8 injections (I had to have them done under local anaesthetic - urgh!) and 1 hour 45 minutes later, they were all finally out!

I'm feeling pretty awful today and thought I'd share a picture with you of my ridiculous face! :)
Popeye much??


  1. The pain is awful, i remember going to have 4 teeth out when i was younger and by the time they tried to get the fourth one i was crying soo much they had to do it another day.

    I'm currently in bed with a bloody painful ulcer from biting inside my cheek... mouth problems aye!!!!!

    Hope u feel better



  2. Oh my, I hope you get on come dine with me. Epic!

  3. hooray for CDWM fingers crossed. hope your feeling better :D



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