Sunday, 4 September 2011

Music! What's your favourite music to get ready for a night out?

So, last night I was thinking to myself (as I was sit at home, doing nothing!) what kind of music do people like to listen to when they're getting ready for a night out?

My taste in music is quite varied and probably quite questionable at best!

I was a total pop punk/ska kid when I was at college.

When I moved up to Sheffield for Uni, I started working at the Leadmill the week I arrived. I moved up a week early so I could see Alkaline Trio play...

The Leadmill opened my eyes to other music, especially indie! Going to nights like Tuesday Club got me into drum n bass and dubstep...

I'll do a separate post about what kind of music I like but for the moment, here are three of my favourite songs to put on when I'm getting ready...

I love the song but actually LOVE this video too, it makes me want to dance... And maybe take up skipping!

I just like this song...


This song reminds me of when I first moved up to Sheffield as my cousin used to play it...

What do you like to put on? :)


  1. Agree with the first two but I've never heard the third, will definitely have to give it a listen! I absolutely love listening to old club music like Robin S' 'Show me Love' and on Heart fm they have a club classics show every Friday and Saturday night which is great to listen to as well :) xxx

    half the world away.

  2. We shall have to have a night out in Sheffield to remember your leadmill days! :) Did you get my tweet about drinks Tuesday?? Hope you can make it... ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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