Monday, 12 December 2011

OOTD & FOTD 20/11/11

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago but for some reason or another it didn't happen!

I went on a make up course while I was down in London a couple of weeks back and this is what I wore!
 Bowler Hat: Marks & Spencer
Dress: Yumi (found in TK Maxx!)
Brogue Creepers: Miss Selfridge
Close up detail of the shoes :)
My FOTD was done using MAC products... I will update this when I find out which :)

I'm wearing my favourite skull necklace (made by Dogeared!)

When we go down to London we stay with our family friends Rosi & Jim. They are fab and are like our surrogate grandparents really! (They don't live on a boat though and they are fortunately human as oppose to being puppets!)

Their shower isn't working at the moment so when we stayed I having baths and for some reason it makes my hair go curly! I quite liked it but don't think I could replicate it if I actually wanted naturally curly hair! :-/

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Missies Xmas Pud Inn - December 2011

Back in September I was lucky enough to get a ticket for Missies Pudding Club at the Rutland Arms in Sheffield. (My blog post about it is here in case you missed it!)

As soon as I found out there was to be a second instalment (and an Xmas one at that!) I knew I had to get my hands on a ticket!

The Pudding Club had been renamed "Missies Pud Inn" which I think sounds even better than the original!
Cindy (Missie Cindz!) is a graphic designer so all of the fab designs, like this ticket, are done by her - cool huh? :)

I'd also got my Mum a ticket for the event as I knew she liked the sound of it too!

It wasn't until just before we were setting off for town I suddenly had a pang of apprehension...

It's an Xmas "pudding" event... I don't really like "Xmassy" puddings!

Uh oh!

Let's see how I got on!! 
Cindy's Mum looking after the puddings for us!

After my small admission there about not liking Xmas type puddings, I must add that I am a pudding lover in general (hence me buying the ticket!)

It's just the whole Xmas Pud, Mince Pies, Fruit Cake, Brandy Butter etc, I'm not too fond of!

I guess I just hadn't really thought the whole thing through as I was thinking with my belly rather than my brain!! But, this aside, maybe my mind could be changed!

So, onto the first pudding!

A Festive Cheer - Chocolate Brandy Roulade made by Chef Mike Smith

How good do the roulades look? The berries on top make it look so festive!
I really liked the sound of this pudding apart from the prospect of the brandy (I just have a thing about not really liking booze in food although I like it out of food!) but the roulade was actually blimmin delicious!

The cake part was actually really quite light so easy going and not heavy like I thought it might have been. Boy there was a lot of brandy in the cream but I actually really liked it! There was also honeycomb on top of the roulade too which was a interesting but tasty touch!

I didn't manage to eat it all (in reality, it was strategic eating - I didn't want to stuff myself and not have room for all five, yes FIVE puddings!!) so saved a bit to take home!

This was my Mums overall favourite pudding. Mike was sat on our table and was really nice.

White Alaska - Baked Vanilla Cheesecake with White Chocolate Profiteroles made by Sheffield's Victoria Made

How incredible does this look? I think it would make a fabulous Xmas Day centre piece!
This was the pudding I was most looking forward to (as it wasn't typically Xmassy!) and it was in fact my overall favourite!

Not only did it look impressive it tasted it too! The white chocolate profiteroles were just divine! The cheesecake was really rich and I couldn't actually manage it all but I loved every bit that I did manage to shovel in!

I think the thing that won me over was the edible glitter! :)

Yee Kwan's Christmas Pudding Ice-Cream made by Sheffield's Yee Kwan Ice Cream

I met Yee Kwan on a course a couple of years ago when she was in the early stages of her business and at the time I thought the whole concept sounded amazing - Far Eastern inspired ice-creams and sorbets.

I finally got to try some of her lychee ice-cream a couple of months ago in Sakushi in Sheffield and was bowled over. I love lychees and I love ice-cream = happy Clare!

The Xmas Pudding Ice-Cream is a limited edition version and I was a little apprehensive about trying it as I'm not a huge fan of Xmas Pudding itself but thought I better try it as I enjoyed the other flavour I had tried.

This was something else! It does have the Xmas Pudding concept but it's just so much nicer and easier to eat! It's not as heavy going as Xmas Pudding but it has all the flavours and spices with a lovely nutty taste too.

I really enjoyed it which I was thoroughly surprised about!

I tweeted Yee to say that I had enjoyed it and she tweeted me to say that there are more Xmas Ice Cream flavours including White Choc and Cranberry, Choc Orange, Praline Choc Crunch and a Mandarin sorbet.

They all sound delicious and I can't wait to try them!(I'll have to work out which to choose first!)

If you are in Sheffield, you can order the Yee Kwan Ice-Cream and collect it from her unit on Wellington St.

Alternatively, the Xmas flavours are all available in Harvey Nichols!

Christmas Chinese Sponge Cake made by Missie Cindz's Auntie Tracey

 How good does this look??
 A close up of the detail!
I was really looking forward to trying this pudding as I always go past the Chinese Cake Shop on London Road in Sheffield (Cake R Us) and always drool as I look in the window at all of the glorious offerings but have still not been in!

Well, I think I definitely will be making a visit!

This was so yummy! It was light, fluffy and fruity it was just what we needed after some quite rich puddings.

I liked the addition of fruit in the filling as it was refreshing.

Chris, who was on our table described it as "like eating a cloud" and I will agree with that statement whole-heartily! It was heavenly!

Pimped Up Mince Pies served with Rodda's Clotted Cream, Fresh Cranberries and Warm Mulled WineRutland Arms

 I think that Mulled Wine is probably one of my favourite things about Xmas!
This was perhaps the pudding I was actually dreading. I just don't like mince pies. But, I thought I'd be a big girl and have a little mouthful, y'know, just to try it.

Hmm. Maybe another little bit. Just to make sure.

Oh, I'll have a bit of a bigger bit. Just to get a proper taste.

Mmm... Bit more.

Mmmm... Waaahh! It's all gone!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I, Clare, am a mince pie convert thanks to Missies Pud Inn!

This was just, brilliant! The pastry was melt in your mouth, the nutty topping was an interesting but brilliant twist and the mincemeat was so fruity it was one of those moments you have when you re-evaluate your food eating experiences and think actually, this is pretty damn good!

The clotted cream was a welcome addition to the mince pie (I grew up in Cornwall/on clotted cream!) and the mulled wine was probably once of the nicest I've tried too (must steal the recipe the Rutland uses!) so was a marriage made in Xmassy pudding heaven!

So, after all that fuss about me not liking "Xmassy" puddings, well, I'll eat my hat! (Although I am still a little bit full from all the pudding so maybe I'll have it later...)

All of the puddings were awesome and have totally broadened my outlook on Xmas afters!

I was also lucky enough to win a free meal in the Rutland in Missies Pud Inn Twitter competition! I've heard nothing but good things about their food, so can't wait to finally try it! :)

I had such a fun afternoon. It really is a fab way to spend the day and there were some great people there too. Thank you to Cindy for organising it and for all of the enthusiasm that she put into it!

If you're in Sheffield and haven't been to the Rutland before you should pop in!

If you are interested in finding out more about Missies Pud Inn, you can follow her on twitter @MissieCindz or use the hashtag #MissiesPudInn or you can join her mailing list by emailing

You can also follow the @RutlandArms on twitter!
You can also see Cindy's blog post about the day here :)
Afterwards, Mum and I went for a quick drink at Popolo's in Leopold Square, which is where my brother works.
I'd kept promising that we would go for a cocktail in Sheffield so it seemed like the perfect opportunity!
My brother was working so could help us make the tough decision of choosing which cocktail to have!
 I eventually chose the Raspberry Collins as I was looking for something refreshing and sweet but not too sickly! It definitely hit the spot :)
Mum chose to have a Mai Tai as she likes rum and all things tropical and fruity! It tasted very yummy!

If you've not been in before I would recommend a trip! They have a huge cocktail menu and the food is pretty good too! :)

Wonderbra Competition!

Here's a little something I thought you might be interested in!

Wonderbra are doing a competition over on Facebook to celebrate the launch of the new Ultimate Plunge Bra!

You can win a dream shopping experience with Lydia Rose Bright and a VIP night out in London!

The awesome prize includes:

  • Private car from London to Essex
  • Shopping experience with Lydia Bright at Bella Sorella in Essex
  • Choose your ultimate plunge look from Bella Sorella, which you both get to keep
  • Private car back to the hotel in London
  • A complete hair and make-up makeover by stylists
  • Return executive transfers from the hotel to the exclusive bar Mahiki
  • Reserved table at Mahiki
  • 2 x bottles of champagne at Mahiki
  • Light bites serve with your first bottle of champagne
  • Overnight stay in a luxurious 4* hotel in Central London
  • Breakfast
  • Free Ultimate Plunge bra per person to keep

How fab is that? :)

The competition runs until 30th December with a new winner (plus friend!) being drawn each week!


Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Oh hello!


I've had another "Clare break" from the blog!

I've just moved back into my parents so have been pretty busy this past couple of weeks doing that, along with quite a few other bits and pieces which I'll be posting about over the next couple of weeks!

I also left where I work to transfer to a location nearer to where I'm now living. The girls and boys got me a lovely leaving pressie - they know me so well! ;)

I'm going to spend this evening catching up with all things bloggy!

Hope you are all ok :)

Clare x

PS. As a total aside from all things bloggy, I'm thinking of caving in and getting an iphone... Is this a good idea? 
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