Monday, 12 December 2011

OOTD & FOTD 20/11/11

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago but for some reason or another it didn't happen!

I went on a make up course while I was down in London a couple of weeks back and this is what I wore!
 Bowler Hat: Marks & Spencer
Dress: Yumi (found in TK Maxx!)
Brogue Creepers: Miss Selfridge
Close up detail of the shoes :)
My FOTD was done using MAC products... I will update this when I find out which :)

I'm wearing my favourite skull necklace (made by Dogeared!)

When we go down to London we stay with our family friends Rosi & Jim. They are fab and are like our surrogate grandparents really! (They don't live on a boat though and they are fortunately human as oppose to being puppets!)

Their shower isn't working at the moment so when we stayed I having baths and for some reason it makes my hair go curly! I quite liked it but don't think I could replicate it if I actually wanted naturally curly hair! :-/


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