Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cocktails at The Bingham Review

As I mentioned in a previous post, my Mum had won a competition to have cocktails at the Bingham in Richmond, London.

This was the description of the prize...

The Bingham’s bartender, Ciprian, has created three special cocktails for the royal wedding, and The Bingham have teamed up with Foodepedia to offer a lucky reader a flight of cocktails and canapés for two in the Bar of this lovely Thames-side Michelin starred restaurant with rooms.
We arrived there on Thursday afternoon and took a seat outside as it was a nice afternoon.

The Bingham has won quite a few awards, so I was really looking forward to sampling some of their offerings! 
 The first cocktail we tried was the Rhubarb Royale (with Konik’s Tail vodka, Velvet Falernum and fresh rhubarb, topped with champagne)

It was one of the three cocktails created for the royal wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous! It had both the subtle tartness and sweetness of rhubarb, and was very delicately flavoured. It also was very easy to drink!
 Cheers! ;)
 The Hotel Bar
 The second cocktail I chose was the River Breeze (Morgan’s Spiced, Cremme de Melon, Elderflower Cordial, Fresh Lime, Gomme Syrup, Angostura Bitters,Ginger Beer) it was really sweet, but in a good way and very refreshing! It reminded me of cola cubes... Yum!
 Mums next drink, New Monarchy (with Calvados, cinnamon sugar, mint and apple and lime juice) it was very tasty!
 Mum choosing her next drink!
 Mums final drink was lovely, it was a Rose Fantasia (Bombay Sapphire, Cucumber, Crème de Rose) tasted like Turkish Delight! :)
 A little rose bud floating on the surface - so pretty!
 My final cocktail was a Raspberry Mule!
I got a little bit excited when I went to the loo and took picture of it because I thought it was "a bit posh" hehe ;)

We both had a lovely time, the staff were very polite and helpful. The hotel was in a lovely setting and had a nice atmosphere.

We were meant to have canapes too as part of the prize but for some reason we didn't get them which was a shame as I'm sure they would have been delicious too! :)

Thank you to Foodepedia for the lovely prize and thank you to Mum for letting me go with her!!

OOTD 28/04/11

I wore this on Thursday to go for drinks at a hotel in London with my Mum... Post to follow!
Cardi: F&F at Tesco
Dress: H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams
Belt: H&M
Brogue Boots: Matalan
Pocket Watch Necklace : eBay

A Week in Pictures 30/04/11

My parents came up on Tuesday evening for a couple of days, hence the absense!

I had a lovely time with them and thought I'd share a few pictures...
 On Tuesday evening we went to Kashmiri Aroma, a lovely Indian restaurant in Woodseats (Sheffield). I've been a few times before and enjoyed it every time!

The staff are absolutely fab, attentive (but not annoyingly so!), polite and helpful.

I had the prawn paratha (a starter but I had it as a main with some rice), I'm a creature of habit and think I've had it each time we've been in! I loved it (although realise the picture doesn't look that appetising?!) My brother says it's the best curry he's ever had!
 On Wednesday morning my ELF order arrived. It came very quickly (especially considering it was the bank holiday) and well packaged. I'd ordered a eye widenereyebrow kitbrush shampoo, and a fan brush.

The items came to £10, which is good value in itself, in addition to this they had an offer if you spent £10 or more you received an eyeshadow palette, worth £9!

 I will do a separate post reviewing the products!
 My Mum had bought my brother and I a Groupon voucher to have a snowboarding lesson at Xcape! (The indoor ski slope at Castleford).
 Me getting ready to go!!
 Standing up! I'm very proud I didn't fall over at all :) Had a fab time, my brother and I will definitely be going back!
 We'd spent the afternoon having a look around the Junction 32 shopping outlet, I actually love it there! So after shopping and snowboarding, we had a well deserved pizza at Pizza Express! :)

I had the Soho (no olives!) which is my absolute favourite - tomato, garlic oil, rocket, grana padano - yummy! Oh, and a glass of red wine, of course ;)

On Thursday morning my parents were travelling down to London for the last couple of days of their break and I went down with them, I'll save that for my next post though!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Things I'm Looking Forward To...

I've had today off work as I was poorly through the night. At lunchtime I was in bed looking at the sunshine through peering through my curtains.

The next minute I could hear rumblings and looked outside to see this! The weather went from 24 degrees blasting sunshine to crazy hailing!
Anyway, crap weather aside, I thought I'd do a quick blog of things I'm looking forward to this year...

* Mum visiting next week (and going to London on Thursday evening to have cocktails and canapes at the Bingham - Mum won this competition!)

* Mr pinklittlebeans birthday

* Housewarming - my brother and I moved into our flat in February so a little bit of a belated one but it's been difficult arranging a weekend where everyone isn't working

* Hopefully seeing the Eels and Weezer... And Katy Perry!

* Trip home to Cornwall and seeing The Flaming Lips at the Eden Project

* Trip down to London to meet up with my friend Jenna who is over from the Cayman Islands (she's been working out there and I've not seen her for ages!

* LOVEBOX! We've got tickets for the Sunday - Scissor Sisters and 2ManyDjs!! :)

* I'm thinking of getting tickets again for the Ben&Jerrys Summer Sundae, maybe the Manchester one this year. We went last year and it was awesome :) (ice cream and music... a match made in heaven??)

* Hopefully visiting my friend Claire in the next few months and having a trip to Grimsby!

* Uni re-union - organising a get together with my friends from Uni, we graduated 5 years ago (woah!) so it seems like a good enough excuse!

*And! Hopefully going on holiday with Mr pinklittlebean... I need to save some £ but we were thinking of maybe going somewhere like Berlin :)

What are your plans for the Summer? :)

Friday, 22 April 2011

OOTD 22/04/11

Todays "Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ" Outfit!
Dress: Cat Print Dress from the Clothes Show
Pumps : Primark
Close Up of Dress
Close Up of Necklace from Oh My Clumsy Heart
The necklace has a clipping of a vintage dictionary in it :) I came across the Etsy shop via Gem Fatales blog post!

I will hopefully do a few more OOTD's next week as my Mum is visiting so I'll rope her into taking pics :)

NOTD First Attempt at Leopard Print!

Silver = Models Own in Champagne
Pink = 17 in ? (Will Double Check!)
Black = Black Sharpie Pen!

Meadowhall Trip Haul

This afternoon I went to my boyfriends parents to do an Easter egg hunt (my Mum had devised one and I organised it for the kids), which was lovely! It was brilliant sunshine and we had a barbeque :) One of his sisters had a baby this morning too, she's named her Jasmine.

As I mentioned in last nights post, I went to Meadowhall yesterday, below are some of the things I picked up :)
 The goodies!
 Bird Scarf from Primark (£3)
 Sunglasses Case and Sunnies from Primark (£1.50 and £1)
 Felt Pork Pie Hat from New Look (£6 in the sale)
 Watermelon Purse from H&M Kids (£1.99 I think)
I wanted to get a little purse to put my jewellery in when I have to take it out for work, this is the pefect size!
 Owl Ring from New Look (50p in the sale)
 Hello Kitty Geeky Keyring from Claires (£4.50 for 2)
I've kept one of these and going to use the other as a gift.
 Max Factor Lip Tint in Plum (Used my Boots Advantage Card to pay) 
 Lint Roller from H&M (99p)
Not very interesting item, but I thought it was cute with the flamingos on it!!
Polka Dot Wash Bag from Primark (£2)
I wanted to get another small wash bag to have on hand when I go up to my boyfriends.

I also bought some other (not very exciting) bits,  including some M&S Percy Pigs for my brother (as he seemed a bit down yesterday) and a few pressies as I've got quite a few birthdays coming up, but haven't put them up, just in case it ruins the surprise!! :)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Falling to bits!

I got sent home early from work yesterday as I was in absolute agony with my shoulder. I couldn't even lift my arm without wanting to cry (and my job is fairly physical) so spent last night sat in a walk-in centre waiting to see a doctor.

I got sent home with strong painkillers and anti-inflammatorys (and spent the remainder of last night feeling like I was floating on the ceiling!!)

The most annoying thing about it is that I haven't actually done anything remotely strenuous, to hurt myself! I think I'll have to come up with a better story than err I just hurt my muscles really bad because I'm a bit feeble!

I'd booked today off work as I had to go to the dentist and I'd made an opticians appointment too (get it all out of the way!) I'm finally being referred to have my remaining 3 wisdom teeth out (hoorah!) I've had nothing but problems with them for the past 4 years.

Then I had my opticians appointment. The guy said that my eye muscles are weak...! Story of my life! ;) (I keep getting double vision, but I think I was so used to it, I didn't see it as being a problem) I've been told to do eye exercises, which is probably one of the funniest things I've been told to do for a while! (Beats the gym anyway!!)

I actually think the next doctors appointment I have they'll say they're just going to have me put down... It's the kindest thing to do! ;)

I went to Meadowhell this afternoon and picked up a few goodies so I'll share my haul stuff with you tomorrow evening :)

I'm doing an Easter egg hunt tomorrow (that my very creative Mum devised!) with my boyfriends nieces and nephews - can't wait!! :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


After years and years of wanting a tattoo, I finally got one done in January. I'd wanted one done since I can remember! My boyfriend was asking me what I wanted for my birthday and then suggested he pay for me to get one done.
(This is straight after having it done so my foots a bit puffy, I will get another healed pic!)

I've had piercings (21 to date, although many are "retired" ;)) but just never settled on what exactly I wanted to get tattooed.

I didn't want something that anyone else had, or to go in a shop and say "I want that please!". I really like the Japanese style of tattooing and decided on a Lotus as it symbolizes many things. I went to a tattoo and piercing shop called Thou Art in Sheffield with some ideas of what I had in mind, the size, colours and some pictures of lotuses.

When I went back on "d-day", the tattooist, Jim had drawn an outline of the lotus - it was perfect. He said he would freehand the water detail.

The tattoo took about an hour and a half to do. I'd prepared myself as I'd read and heard so many people say that it absolutely kills having it done on your foot! It wasn't actually as bad as I had imagined (I compare most pain to when I had both my toenails pretty much ripped off with no anaesthetic... But that's another story that I can't imagine anyone would like to read!!)

The actual tattoo is better than I actually imagined it, credit to Jim! I absolutely love it...

But! I now have the bug! I am already thinking about what I'd like done next!

I would definitely like another on my foot to make them match, I was thinking of a koi carp (to keep with the theme) and the same kind of water detail.

My other love is skulls... I would love to get a skull of some description... I love sugar skulls but also have other ideas, I just don't know where I would have it placement wise. Any suggestions? I also have lots of other ideas  (in reality I would love a sleeve!), but one step at a time eh :)

Have you got any tattoos or plans for any? :)

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I currently live with my brother. He works as a barman, and while I was at work on Friday, he text me asking if I could pick up a watermelon for him...

He'd had a dream the previous night that he'd created all these weird and wonderful cocktails and wanted to try one of them out!

The one he recreated from his dream was a Watermelon Martini and I have to say, it was awesome!

Watermelon Martini

This serves one, it does contain a lot of alcohol but you can't actually taste it - so please bear this in mind N


ê37.5ml Vodka or Citrus Vodka
ê12.5ml Melon Liquer (I bought a bottle of this in either Lidl or Aldi for super cheap)
ê2 Squeezes of 2 lime segments
êDash of Sugar Gomme (2 part water to 1 part sugar)
ê100ml of Watermelon Juice (fresh if possible - chop, de-seed and blitz the melon with a bit of water, otherwise you could use Rubicon Watermelon Juice Drink, this will make it a bit sweeter though. You can find Rubicon in the world food section of most supermarkets.)

Put all of the ingredients into a Boston shaker with cubed ice, shake, strain into a chilled martini glass.



Another lovely cocktail recipe I thought it would be rude not to share is the following, created by Jamie Dunn...


Serves one, perfect for on a warm day - even better made as a pitcher to drink with a picnic in the park R


ê50ml Gin (Jack recommends Millers)
ê12.5ml Elderflower Syrup
ê3 Squeezes of 3 lemon segments
êTea boiled and cooled (eg. PG Tips) 175ml tea approx or 2/3 of a mug

Make tea, put in Boston shaker with ice (to cool) and shake! Strain.
Add all the ingredients (including the cooled tea) into a fresh Boston shaker with cubed Ice.
Shake the F'in hell out of it!

Serve in a slim glass and try not to drink it too quickly!! :)

NB: I will add pics once I get him to make them again!! :)

He also mentioned making a mint choc chip ice cream style cocktail, once I obtain the information and sample it I will share the knowledge!! ;)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Big Wardrobe...

I'm completely fed up with eBay! The listing fees, then the paypal fees, then the final value fees, it just seems totally pointless bothering. Along with the con merchants selling on there with fake goods, things going missing or generally being crap!

I came across the website Big Wardrobe and have been using it for a few months now and have swapped lots of goodies! Here's what they have to say...

About Us

Welcome to, the world’s No.1 fashion exchange website.

People don’t wear 25% of the items in their wardrobes. So, we created Bigwardrobe, the home to literally tonnes (over 100 actually!) of pre-loved fashion garments, all in need of new owners.

You can use Bigwardrobe to:
1) Swap things you don't wear for things you will,
2) Turn your unwanted clothes, shoes and bags back into cash, or
3) Buy yourself a new outfit at a bargain price.

Bigwardrobe houses a vast mix of labels (from Gucci and Stella McCartney to Miss Sixty and Topshop). Plus, with nearly 70,000 members - or 70,000 wardrobes to plunder - and the ability to sell or swap items, the net result is that you end up with lots of new clothes, or extra money in your pocket.

The community extends into 140 countries and is growing daily. In just 2 years, more than 300,000 items have been listed.

The most popular categories are women’s dresses, bags and shoes. However, you’ll also find an area for children’s clothing and menswear too.

Our ultimate aim is to create the world's biggest online wardrobe, where the huge quantity of unworn and stockpiled fashion in people's homes around the world is redistributed online.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Are you a member? Or would you like to join? BIG WARDROBE! My username is also pinklittlebean :)

What's in the bag?!

I'm always a little nosey curious as to what people have in their handbags... So thought that I'd show you what junk stuff I have in mine!
This is the bag I use most of the time. It's from Topshop (via ebay) I love it as it's blimmin huge so I can fit everything in it! :) 
Keys, HH Wallet, Make-up bag, Suncream (it was sunny last week!) Mini Diana Camera, Inhaler, Mints/Chewing Gum, Glasses, Ipod, Phone, FCUK Pure Body Spray, Tissues, Carmex Lip Balm, Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream, Rennies, Ibuprofen, Diary, Paperchase Fold Up Bag, Make-up Remover Pads, Panda Liquorish, Hello Kitty Brolly

And I wonder why my shoulders ache!! ;)

Monday, 11 April 2011



I'm actually in love with these Vivienne Westwood skull earrings (and all of the other items in the collection!) I'm a sucker for skulls ;)

I'd love to get hold of one of the Models Own nail pens, I have scoured the internet and they seem to be sold out where I have looked, so I'm currently watching one on ebay!

Lustings by pinklittlebean featuring summer bags
Sleeveless blouse
$60 -

TopShop biker jacket
$110 -

TopShop denim short
$60 -

Miss Selfridge brogue shoes
50 GBP -

Miss Selfridge shoes

Vivienne Westwood summer bag
444 GBP -

Vivienne Westwood beaded jewelry
$100 -

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Alternative Easter Pressy...

I've just ordered a couple of these from LUSH, how cute are they? I'm going to have serious problems giving them away I think!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

OOTD 02/04/11

Ok, so not the most flattering of first pics of me! Need to err work on that!

Went to the cinema on Saturday night with the girls from work, we saw Hop! I actually thought it was quite funny, which I wasn't expecting TBH!
Headband: Vivienne Westwood (fake, but it has skulls on it, so couldn't resist!) bought on ebay...
Necklace: "C" locket from Urban Outfitters
T-Shirt: Illustrated People, bought on ebay
Denim Shirt: Topshop, bought in the sale - yippee!
Rings: Tarnished Skull from a stall at the Clothes Show and Silver and Turquoise oval from ebay!
Trousers: By a brand called "Soho Girl", bought in TK Maxx, brilliant as they are a bit thicker than leggins but just as comfy :)
Pumps: Primark £4, probably the comfiest I own! (Although I do feel a bit like Amy Winehouse wearing the same ones all the time...!)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

17 Nail Xtras Crackle Top Coat Review

I went out last Saturday night with my friend I went to University with and her friends for a meal. I've not been out "out" for quite a while and couldn't work out what I wanted to wear etc (the usual...)

I had to pop into Boots to pick up some vitamins and of course, couldn't help but take a peek at the make up section! I spotted this...
I'd seen other brands with the "crackle finish" type nail varnish, so decided to give it a go! I'd already recently bought some lovely coral coloured stuff from the same range, and I was impressed with it!

It was also the only bottle left, so I couldn't leave it on its own! ;) I also bought a bottle of a black colour "nightshade" to go underneath the silver and a bottle of a turquoise blue colour "seabreeze" also (which I will add pictures of at a later date!)
The two plain colours were £2.99 each and the top coat was £3.99. They were on offer at 3 for 2, so it worked out quite reasonable! :)  Here is a picture of the finished product! Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, I used my phone to take it, and it's pretty rubbish!! :(
 The actual product itself is fab. The results were a lot better in real life than in the photo!

I used the black shade to paint a base coat. I did not really rate the quality of the black nail varnish, it was a bit wishy washy and you had to put quite a few coats on, which didn't look even. But, obviously this wasn't such a great problem as it was going to be partially covered! I wouldn't however use the polish on its own.

The crackle top coat was amazing and so simple to use! I was a little dubious as to how it would turn out and whether I would have to do anything special to it. I literally painted it on and voila!

I did put a coat of clear nail varnish over the top and I think this helped it stay on for a bit longer. It did last quite a while and if I did get a little chip, it wasn't as noticeable because of the effect.

I had so many comments about them on my night out! My friend who I was out with loved them (I've actually picked her up a bottle too!) and her friends were all amazed by them and convinced I'd been and had them done professionally! I was being asked who did them/where can they get them done! I even had a positive comment from my brother, along the lines of "Woah! Your nails! They look awesome!" hehe.

I loved the nails so much but unfortunately I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish at work so had to take it off, but will definitely be wearing it again soon!!
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