Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mini Round-Up 05/02/12

Hello! :)

I thought I'd do a mini round-up of what I've been up to this past couple of weeks - more posts to follow!
 My new camera finally arrived! (Canon G12) I'm slowly getting to grips with it but I'm a total n00b, so bear with me...
 It was my 27th birthday in the middle of January. I had a lovely time spending it with my boyfriend, family and friends!
 I had some yummy food too and a birthday cocktail in Las Iguanas! :)
 I went down to London with my Mum for a few days over Chinese New Year and Burns Night (blog post to follow!). I met up with my cousin who'd made some awesome Cranachan Macaroons!
 She'd also bought me a veggie haggis as I'd never tried it! Our parents (my Mum, Jane's Dad) are Scottish. I felt like I was letting the family down by not trying it ;)
Last weekend Mr Pinklittlebean took me to Berlin for my birthday! We had a fab time (blog posts to follow!) but couldn't get over how cold it was! I guess it got us prepared for the current UK weather!

I took this picture last night when we took the dog out for a walk in Sheffield.

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  1. our pup loved the snow, she was mesmerised... :D


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