Monday, 26 March 2012

Boux Avenue Store Opening at The Bullring, Birmingham

On Thursday morning I travelled over to Birmingham for the new Boux Avenue store launch.

I had heard of the brand before but had never bought anything from them. I've recently had a major overhaul of my underwear drawer so couldn't wait to see what they had to offer!

Before the official cutting of the ribbon by owner Theo Paphitis, we were allowed a glimpse inside of the new store.

When I arrived, I was greeted at the luxurious looking doors and walked through to a beautifully laid out boudoir style store. 
Image Taken From Boux Avenue Website
Image Taken From Boux Avenue Website

The shop is laid out just perfectly. There is no rummaging through unorganised rails to find your size. Things are laid out in clearly labelled drawers, with a selection of goods hanging up for you to peruse.
The staff in the store were all so genuinely helpful and seemed that they would go out of their way to make sure that the visit was as easy and comfortable as possible.
Beautifully laid out and fabulous lighting.
I loved this classic style bra. The thing I was most pleasently surprised about was the price of the items in the store, with bras starting from £12.
There is a huge selection of items to choose from.
There was a lovely selection of bright and colourful bras.

The range of underwear in the store seemed to cater for everyone. From basics to luxurious, right through to wedding lingerie.

There is a ample range in their sizing too (up to a G cup).
More of the gorgeous underwear.
I had my eyes on these 50s style bikinis from the moment I stepped in the shop and couldn't wait to try some on later in the day!
There was a brilliant selection of swimwear in the shop. If you have a holiday planned you are spoilt for choice!
Funky pjs!
I adored how the accessories were displayed on the mannequin and in the vintage style suitcase.

I am a little obsessed with vintage suitcases, I have 2 that I keep my handbags in and would love to find some more for storage.
The store had a lovely selection of gifts and accessories, so perfect if you are picking up a present for someone.
Myself and the lovely Emily of Emily-Jayne and Emma of Fashion Mommy's Blog

We were given a really generous goodie bag which included a gift card so everyone could choose something they liked.
The opening drew a really big crowd!
Mr Paphitis opening the shop!
Cute sweetie!
I was told that I HAD to check out the changing rooms, so later on in the day I went back and tried on a couple of things that I had eyed up earlier.

The changing room was so luxurious, it felt like I was in a hotel suite!

I loved that it had a door rather than a curtain. I think my worse shopping nightmare is someone opening the curtain while I'm trying on underwear!
Another well thought out design in the changing rooms was the intercom system, to save any blushes trying to get the attention of one of the sales assistants. There is also an ingenius lighting option for the changing room too!
I decided against the bikini as at the moment I don't really have the bod for it and tried on the swimsuit in the same style instead. I used my gift card that I was given towards it.

The 50s style is so "me" - I'm planning on visiting my friend in the Cayman Islands soon, so can't wait to wear it!
 Image Taken From Boux Avenue Website

This is what the swimsuit looks like on! (I didn't want to scare you off with a picture of me in it!!)

I will definitely be checking out the shop at Meadowhall and I now have a (rather long!) wish list of things that I would like to buy from Boux Avenue!

Here are a few things that I have my eye on...
 Image Taken From Boux Avenue Website

I love the bright colour of this bra, perfect for the Summer!
 Image Taken From Boux Avenue Website
Chloe Lace Longline Bra

I really like the style of this bra. They haven't got my size at the moment online but I'm going to have a look at the shop in Meadowhall!
 Image Taken From Boux Avenue Website
Georgia Spot Mesh Balconette Bra

This is just so pretty!
 Image Taken From Boux Avenue Website
Flirty Frills Set

This set is really cute!
 Image Taken From Boux Avenue Website
Lyla Set

I love the high waisted style knickers, they give a real classic look!

Image Taken From Boux Avenue Website

I think this gorgeous chemise would be a total upgrade from my current old band t-shirt and shorts combo I wear to bed!
I spent the rest of the afternoon in Birmingham and had a look around the shops. We stopped and had lunch in Pret. I have found my new favourite sandwich! I wish there was a Pret in Sheffield!!

Thank you to Laura Gallagher of Fluorescent PR and Emma Roberts of The Bullring for a fabulous morning!



  1. I've never heard of this brand.. some lovely garments though! I'm a La Senza girl, but may be tempted elsewhere. haha
    Looks like it was a successfull event. :)

  2. I shop in the Cardiff store all the time, such a lovely shop fit and I love playing with those lights haha x


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