Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mini Round Up 25/03/12

This past few weeks I've been quite busy! Here's a mini round up of photos I've taken on my iphone that don't really fit in with all of the other posts I've done...

(I've also done a round up of food porn as I've done a lot of eating, so it deserved its own dedicated post!)
I finally caved in and got my first phone contract and got an iphone... I've been messing about with some of the photography apps that are available. Here's a mini panoramic view of my room!
I went to Hyper Japan last month in London (my Hyper Japan blog post is here). I loved this hat (and completely regret not buying it now!)
It was such a gorgeous day while I was in London, I took this quick photo - look how bright the sky is!
This picture on the Underground really tickled me... The dog looks like our pet Alfie!
It was my brothers birthday at the end of February (he's a leap year baby so it was his "6th" birthday!)

My cousin, Jane, put a couple of pictures up on Facebook, including this one of us all.

I'm wearing the red t-shirt.
Alfie making the most of the sunshine!
I had been poorly for a couple of weeks with some kind of viral thing. Mum bought me some supplies to make me feel better :)
I bought this Rob Ryan card in Urban Outfitters in Birmingham. I think it's so sweet and the cut out detail is so clever. I'm going to get it framed :)
Mum and Dad went out on Friday night to see the Stranglers and I was left in charge of Alfie. He gets a bit anxious so I had him up in my room so he had some company. He wouldn't stop sniffing my laptop!!


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  1. Awww i bought that card for my bf for valentines :)


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