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Missies Fruity Pud Inn - March 2012

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me tweeting about #missiespudinn... Well, this is what it's all about! :)

I was lucky enough to get hold of a couple of tickets for the third instalment of Missies Pud Inn at the Rutland on Saturday (I'm very glad I did as the tickets sold out in a day!)
I'd mentioned it to my friend Claire who I went to Uni with and she said it sounded like her cup of tea, so she made the journey down from Grimsby for some shopping in Sheffield followed by PUDDING! :)

The theme for the third Missies Pud Inn was "fruity", so I was looking forward to finding out what we would be having served up!

So, on to the first offering...!

Easter Bread and Butter Pudding - Hot Cross Buns and Fruit in a Zesty Orange Custard. Made by Steve & Sara at Sheffield's Harland Cafe (@HarlandCafe)
The bread and butter pudding was very zesty, which I loved! I liked the twist on the pudding (as I am now a bread and butter pudding convert, thanks to Missie's first Pud Inn!) as I am a big fan of hot cross buns!

The only thing that would have made it super awesome was a little bit more of the custard (but only as it was so yummy!!)

Refreshing Summer Fruit Salad served with Grass Jelly in a Lychee and Strawberry Juice. Made by Missie Cindz's (Cindy) Mum, Lin
I was looking forward to trying this, I think mainly as one of my favourite fruits are lychees!

The fruit salad was a nice light, refreshing pudding for us and was quite welcome as we had got 5 puddings in total to get through!

The grass jelly was unusual, but I was looking forward to trying it for the first time. It had a herby, almost tobacco-like taste to it, but really complimented the fruit salad and went well with it!

I've not tried anything quite like it and would definitely have it again!

A 'Not What You Think It Is' Apple Crumble and Custard. Made by Rutland Arm's Chef Mike
I was really looking forward to seeing what Chef Mike had created after trying his roulade at the Xmas Missies Pud Inn!

I think everyones first reaction to the pudding being served was "but where's the custard?!"

Well, that was the surprise! It was in the apple! It really wasn't what you think it is!

The crumble was just perfect, it had the right amount of cinnamon and sweetness to it. The custard inside of the apple was like creme brulee. Mmm!! I loved it!

I am seriously hoping Chef Mike makes some more of this because I think me, Claire and Cindy are all in need of some more!!

It was my overall favourite of the day!

Rice Pudding made with Our Cow Molly Cream and a Wakefield Rhubarb Compote with Choice of Sheffield Honey or Yorkshire Rosehip Syrup to sweeten. Made by Ian Martin (@Chefy113), Head-Chef PJ Taste
The rice pudding was just lovely. It was proper comfort food! I could just imagine myself being indoors in the warmth, when it's cold and wet outside, tucking into this and having a happy little tummy! :)

The Our Cow Molly cream that was in it gave it such a lovely creamy (sorry, obvious word usage there??) taste, that wasn't too rich, it was just right!
The rhubarb was nice and tart so complimented the creaminess. I chose to have the rosehip syrup to sweeten mine as I'd never tried it before and it was so nice. The sweetness balanced the tartness.

I haven't had rice pudding for quite a long time, but I'd like to have this again!

A Berri-licious 'Missie Cindz Take Away' Trifle. Made by Missie Cindz (Cindy)
Cindy's trifle came in its own "take away" packaging (more on that in a later post soon!) which was a nice touch!

The trifle was really well presented inside. I liked that there were dried cranberries on top as well as this was a different twist!
The trifle itself was heavenly! The cream was oh-so light (whipped cream on trifle is usually the thing that puts me off/gets scraped off as sometimes I find it just too heavy going!) and the jelly was really refreshing too.

It was a yummy pudding to end on! (I did however get beaten by the pudding, much to my dismay and so let my Dad eat it when I got home and he loved it!)

Claire and I had a really nice afternoon (basically, our idea of heaven!) and we met some fab people!
We were also in the team who won the quiz and the prize of a yummy date scone! Woo! :)
Thank you to once again to Cindy for organising it and for all of the passion and enthusiasm that she puts into it!

If you're in Sheffield or are visiting and haven't been to the Rutland before you should pop in! It's a really nice, friendly pub with a real local feel to it. They serve AWESOME food and amazing chips (and they serve my favourite cider!!)

If you are interested in finding out more about Missie's Pud Inn, you can follow her on twitter @MissieCindz or use the hashtag #MissiesPudInn or you can join her mailing list by emailing puddingclub@missiecindz.com 
You can also read Cindy's Blog here!

You can also follow the @RutlandArms on twitter!

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