Monday, 9 April 2012

Trip to Leeds & Illamasqua Make Over - March 2012

Hope you've all had a lovely Easter Bank Holiday Weekend! :)

I've been getting over a sick bug (yuck!) and went for an MRI scan this morning. I'm feeling a bit better now though (or a bit more like I want to eat creme eggs shall we say!!)

As I mentioned, last Saturday I went for a day trip to Leeds with my friend Claire.
She'd mentioned that Illamasqua did make overs, so we booked onto one.

I've heard nothing but good things about Illamasqua but had only tried a couple of their products before, so couldn't wait to try out some more!

I had the lovely Patrick (who had come over from the Liverpool store to help out for a few days) do mine...
I didn't really have much of an idea of what "look" I wanted, so gave him free reign!

Throughout the makeover, he told me what he was doing and using and gave me tips, which were really helpful.
The final look!

Make Up Used On Face...

Face: Skin Base in Shade 07
I loved the coverage of the foundation that was used. It looked very natural and true to my skin colour in real life and wasn't too heavy (but covered blemishes!). I don't usually wear any foundation but would definitely try this again for nights out etc.

Blusher: Lover
This was a gorgeous, natural looking blusher. The pigment was incredible and a little went a long way. I will definitely be buying some to use as an everyday staple!

Eyeshadows: Pivot, Permission, Vernau, Wolf
The combination of the four shades worked just perfectly and seemed to blend seamlessly. When the bright green was applied first I was a little apprehensive but went with it and I'm glad as I was so happy with the outcome!
I loved how the green brought out the blue in my bluey/green eyes. The colour was totally different and a real change from what I usually would wear.
I thought the Human Fundamentalism display looked awesome, I loved all of the colours so couldn't resist sharing!

I'd really recommend the makeovers at Illamasqua, it was really fun and brilliant if you were looking for a different look or a nice way to spend a day out.

Claire and I wish we'd got somewhere to go out that evening! I'd definitely try it again - fingers crossed with plans to go out! :)

The staff are absolutely lovely and make you feel really welcome too (and will help you if you a little overwhelmed by it all!)

I put a little order through over Easter weekend, taking advantage of the Easter Hunt promotion they had on and now have a MASSIVE wish list of things I'd like to buy! (First thing being their highlighter brush!)

Have you tried Illamasqua before? Any recommendations?
After the trip to Illamasqua we did a bit of shopping. Judy's Vintage Fair was on, so we had a little nosey in the Corn Exchange. It was the first time I'd been in and I thought that the building was incredible!


  1. Glad your starting to feel a bit better, it's sad times not be fancy a creme egg!

  2. I love this look! so different! I used to have a lovely bright green coloured eyeshadow from fcuk (back when they did makeup!) but now all I have is a dark green mac shadow I think!
    Glad you are not sicky anymore! xxx


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