Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mini Round Up 22/05/12

I've had a wee break away from blogging for a few weeks, but I'm back and have loads to post about :)

I thought I'd do a mini round up of what I've been up to...
My Mum and Dad went away a couple of weeks ago for the weekend and I was left in charge of the house and our dog, Alfie. He's a bit of a baby and likes company so I spent most of the weekend with him curled up on my lap!
I think this was his reaction when I suggested we work our way through my X Files boxset ;)
I went to the Leadmill to see Alkaline Trio. They are one of my favourite bands. I moved up to Sheffield a week early when I moved up for Uni so that I could see them! I started work there a week later as I liked the place! That was nearly 9 years ago, so it was nice to see them again in the same venue! :)
I've been playing a fair bit of Draw Something... It's a bit addictive! I have had a mini break from it as I was spending a bit too much time/effort on it! My username is pinklittlebean if you want a game though :)
My brother and I played a bit of Wii. We're not really computer game people but were getting quite engrossed in it!
My brothers girlfriend has been away travelling for the last few months. She'd sent me a message to say she was going to be coming home a couple of weeks earlier than she'd said to him as a surprise and wanted to get me to find out where he'd be on a certain night.

I arranged to go for a drink with my brother the night she was returning (all the way from Australia!) so that I could let her know our exact location! He was none the wiser (especially as I was asking him questions like "when is she back?" etc...!)

My brother and I were sat having a drink in one of the beer gardens in Sheffield and she had text me to say she was almost there... She'd brought a disguise!

My brother was like "there's a girl over there with a moustache on!!" and then she was waving at him and he was like err... Who is that person!? I was like erm I think you might know...

He was absolutely over the moon!! (and in total shock as he hadn't got a clue and couldn't work out how it had happened!) It was really sweet :)
My brother and I trying out the disguise...
I had to go for an EEG the other week. I thought I'd share with you the genius (and genuine) frequently asked question section from the leaflet I was given!
I spotted this while I was out shopping and feel that I NEED to try it, it sounds awesome! Have you tried it before?!
I invested in a pair of Red Or Dead boots. They are so comfy. The picture is of the sole. It had a camper van on and said happy campers, which made me happy :)
Picture taken from The Leadmilll Facebook Page

I went out for my friends birthday last weekend. I haven't been on a proper night out for absolutely ages! I got quite drunk and we ended up in the Leadmill. I had a really fun time (although the day after was a total write off... I cannot do hangovers anymore!!!) :)
My brothers girlfriend does Reiki, so I've been round to have some and it's awesome :)
I was really lucky and had today off work and spent most of it out in the sunshine :)

I am a little bit pink now but hoping the weather holds out for the weekend :)

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