Thursday, 28 June 2012

Brunch at the Milestone, Sheffield

Last Saturday, Mum and I used one of (our many!) group buying type vouchers and had brunch at The Milestone in Sheffield.

I'd heard lots about the Milestone (especially as they were crowned Gordon Ramsays best British Restaurant!)
Our brunch came with a glass of fizz, which made it seem even more decadent!

I like that the staff brought over water for us without having to ask too.
I chose to have Eggs Florentine. I'll be honest now. I don't really like eggs but I'd never tried poached eggs so thought I'd give them a go!
I was pleasantly surprised! I actually loved them! There was the right amount of everything on the plate for me. I would definitely choose to have this again!
The coffee was really good too. I love coffee but I hate it when it's too bitter or tastes burnt. This was just right for me! I loved the tiny bottle of milk that came with it too! (I'm a sucker for all things tiny!)
Mum and I fancied something sweet for afters. My brother and his girlfriend had visited the Milestone a few weekends before and said we needed to try a sweet too as they are to die for.

We couldn't decided what to have, so went for the sharing platter...

Lemon and Coconut Slice with Pineapple Carpaccio and Coriander Ice Cream

This was probably my favourite pudding out of the four (although to be fair, I feel like I'm choosing a favourite child! They were all amazing!) The slice was moist and the ice cream went together with it perfectly!
Vanilla Peach Crumble with Peach Melba Ice Cream
This was delicious! It was like a deconstructed crumble. The peaches were warm and it went together brilliantly.
Chocolate Brownie with Berry Coulis. Hazelnut and Basil Salad

This was delicious and rich. The hazelnuts were coated with a toffee covering which made them extra special.
This tart was both tangy and creamy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now!

I would definitely return for brunch (I'm actually going back on Sunday with Mr Pinklittlebean!) but would also think about going in just for pudding and a coffee!

If you are in Sheffield I would recommend a visit!

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