Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Trip To London June 2012

A couple of weekends back I went down to London for the Jubilee Celebrations...
This was my token gesture towards wearing anything union jack/blue/red/white!
I did like all of the bunting out that we saw!
My Mum had got a group buying type voucher for Benito's Hat which is just behind Topshop on Oxford Street. We had burritos and cocktails in there and they were spot on! The staff were really friendly and I was amazed at just how much they managed to cram in the burritos!
My veggie burrito! Yum!
Watermelon margarita cocktails were so refreshing!
We'd got tickets for Battersea Park. I only managed to catch a tiny glimpse of the boats on the river (due to being vertically challenged/not bringing a ladder!)
I caught up with my friend Ged who I went to Uni with. We got absolutely drenched as it just chucked it down for most of the day! (Hooray for ponchos!)
Norman Jay and Dj Yoda were brilliant. The crowds kept dancing despite the rain!
I spotted this at Victoria Station!
I met my friend Emma for dinner and then went to meet up with Mum again afterwards. The tube I was on was totally empty! It was a bit eerie considering only hours earlier it had been absolutely chocka!
On my tod!
I met Mum at the Shepherds Bush Empire to see Mazzy Star.
I managed to catch the end of the gig! The set was pretty cool.
Picture taken from the newspaper.
The following morning I had a flick through the paper and I think this was my favourite picture!
When we go down to London, we stay with our friends Rosi and Jim (no, not the puppets...)
This is their living room. Jim painted the mural himself! He's very talented.
I love their house. It's full of all kinds of things!
Mum and I wanted to check out the Yayoi Kusama exhibiton at the Tate. It was pretty mad! I think this piece and the dotty room were my favourite.
The lights changed colour and the mirrors made it really disorientating. It was pretty trippy!
Another token food picture! I picked up the kids packed lunch to have and thought it was brilliant :) (I'm easily pleased...)
The drive back to Sheffield was horrid! We could barely see the road! I was very glad to get back to the warmth of my bed!


  1. Looks like you had a good trips! Hope you didn't get too wet at the boat paegent! I love your nails and that exhibition looks amazing! xo

  2. I would love a watermelon cocktail right now, maybe a little early though...


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