Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blogzilla Event!

On Sunday I popped over to Leeds for the first Blogzilla event!

It was a nice opportunity to meet some familiar and new faces and find out about people's blogs!
 The bloggers! :)

L-R: Lauren, Rosey, Charlotte, Laura, Clare, Deanna and Me!

You can take a peek at their awesome blogs and follow them on twitter here:

 The event was held at Dock Street Market in Leeds. I thought it was an awesome venue! I'll definitely be paying a visit in the future!
 Pretty cakes!
 I loved the decoration on the cakes - glitter!
 I settled for a rainbow cake :)
 Laura drawing the raffle!
 Danielle won a prize!
 Deanna won some goodies too!
 Clare won a voucher for Daniel Footwear!
 I LOVED Clare's skull tattoo!
 My favourite :)
 We were given a lovely goodie bag - I thought the bag design is ace! The bag was printed at Doodle Bag which is based in Sheffield. You can design your own bags on their website which I think is pretty cool :)
A big thank you to the girls at Blogzilla for organising the event and to AX Paris, Batiste, Daniel Footwear, Doodle Bag and Joe Browns for the lovely goodie bag! :)

I can't wait for the next event!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Nails Inc Event at Debenhams, The Bullring

A couple of weeks ago I braved the rain and travelled over to Birmingham for a Nails Inc event held in Debenhams in the Bullring.

I have never had my nails 'did' by anyone, so it was a totally new experience for me!

Danielle, who did my nails, was lovely and chatty and I felt relaxed while I had my manicure.

I absolutely adored my nails, I literally couldn't stop looking at them! They looked so neat!

I would recommend Nails Inc for manicures, I'd love to have another one! :)
Thank you Sunny for taking the picture! :) (check out her blog!)
My nails!
I love how glossy they look!
Lovely neat nails!
Danielle used Nails Inc Hyde Park Basecoat...
...And Nails Inc St James's polish!
Brilliant branding on the water bottles!
The lovely Annabel having her manicure! (check out her blog here!)
I love this gorgeous electric blue colour!
How spangly are they?! Danielle used the new Nails Inc Nail Jewellery polish on top of Annabel's nails. They looked fab!
Emily Jayne's patriotic nails! (Check out her blog here!)
Nail polish fit for a queen?!

To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, Nails Inc created this gorgeous limited edition glitter polish inspired by the Union Jack featuring red, blue and silver particles!
Nails Inc Nail Jewellery and Magnetic Polish!
These neon shades would look fab with a tan!
I loved the packaging for this neon and nude mini collection. I'm a sucker for skulls! :)
How good do these Nails Inc Special Effect Sprinkles look?

The unique new formulation provides amazing coverage with just two coats. The glitter particles are mattified to give you the perfect amount of sparkle.
The pink version looks good enough to eat!!
I love the mini collections. It's nice to be able to try out new shades without having to buy a full sized version!

I didn't realise that Nails Inc did nail wraps. I'd like to try them out. Have you tried them before?
I'd love to have nail polish storage like this! It's be great to be able to see my whole collection!
I adore the gorgeous jewel shades available.
Nails Inc have got loads of goodies available to celebrate the Jubilee and Olympics!
This patriotic "Best Of British" trio go together like tea and cakes :)
These Olympic themed "Champions Collection" minis are so cute! The colours are lovely and bright too - perfect for the summer!
This package would make a lovely gift.
I love Florrie's bow! Super cute! :) (Check out her blog here!)

A big thank you to Emma at the Bullring for inviting me along and to Nails Inc for a lovely evening! :)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Food Porn - July 2012 Edition

Gu Summer Berry Puds with Pimms.
Mum picked these up when they were on offer in Tesco. They were lovely and light - perfect for the summer!
Close up of pud!
Hello Kitty Pez!

My friend Claire sent me a parcel with these goodies in! It was a lovely surprise :) I love Hello Kitty and Pez!
Mountain Dew.

I needed to break up a tenner to get some change for the bus home from work so I picked up a bottle of Mountain Dew. I liked the label on this one! I'm slightly addicted to Mountain Dew. It's the only energy drink I like :) (It can send me a bit wappy though...!)
Eggs Florentine at The Milestone, Sheffield.
Mr Pinklittlebean and I used our final Living Social voucher for brunch at the Milestone. I absolutely LOVED my eggs florentine. I would recommend a visit if you are ever in the area for a treat!

I wrote a little review of my visit here if you wanted to find out more!
Mushroom Pasta Starter at Baldwins Omega, Sheffield.
A few weeks ago I went out for Mr Pinklittlebean's sisters hen do. We went to Baldwins Omega for a meal. I really liked the starter (and would have quite happily had more of it for a main!) 
Poached Salmon at Baldwins Omega, Sheffield. 
This is the main we had at the hen do. It was "Salmon and Strawberries" evening, hence the salmon! It was quite nice. I'm a bit funny with eating salmon, I either like it smoked or frazzled!
Strawberries and Meringue at Baldwins Omega, Sheffield.

The pudding was really yummy. The meringue had the right amount of crunchiness and chewiness. I ended up mushing all mine up together to make an eton mess type creation!
 Jelly Babies & Jelly Beans.

Mum had got some sweets at home so I had to help eat them. Obviously!
 Mr Kipling French Fancie.

I had this at a Nails Inc event that was held in Debenhams in the Bullring a few weeks ago. I hadn't had a french fancie for ages! They remind me of visiting my Nanny & Grandad when I was little.
 Mum's Home Made Rocky Road.

My Mum has been creating all kinds of cakey goodness at home! Including this rocky road. She'd decorated it with edible glitter! Luckily she has been taking it into her workplace too otherwise I think I'd end up being about 40 stone!
 Mum's Home Made Carrot Cake and Rocky Road.

Mum's carrot cake is probably the nicest I have ever tried! The icing is perfect. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I am going to ask her for the recipe so I can share it!
 Lemon Cupcake.

One of my colleagues brought these in for us. Her fiancee was going on her hen do and she'd made some cupcakes for her had extra so shared them with us! The butterfly chocolate was yummy!
 Tesco Teatime Selection.

One of my other colleagues decided the following day to treat us to some more cake goodies! I used to buy the chocolate version of these buns but hadn't tried the plain version before. They were very sweet but nice!
 Gaymers Pear Cider with Raspberry.

Mum bought some random cans of cider from Morrisons including this one. I like cider so was looking forward to testing this one out. It was a bit too sweet for me but it was nice to have as a one off. I think it would have been nicer with a bit of ice maybe. I would quite like to try the cherry version!
 Mum's Home Made Cake.

Another of Mum's baking creations! She'd got a Hermann/Friendship cake mix from work so has made quite a few things! I think this one was apple and ginger cake. It was yummy!
Apple & Mango J20.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this as it's a mini bottle!
 Poached Eggs with Toast.

This was my first attempt at making poached eggs myself after I enjoyed them so much at the Milestone! I tried using those poach pod things. They were quite easy to do but took quite a while...
 More Poached Eggs.

Mum showed me how to make poached eggs properly! Yum!
 Asda Vegetarian Pizza.

I bought this as it had lots of vegetables I like on it. It was really disappointing though! It didn't really taste of anything.
 Marks & Spencer Gingerbread Rum.

It was my Mums birthday last weekend and I bought her a bottle of this! I haven't tried any yet as I'm dosed up on strong painkillers but can't wait to give it a try! :)
 Marks and Spencer Veggie Dumplings and Miso Soup.

I bought this ready meal from a staff shop out near Barnsley. It sounded like it would be my kind of thing. The dumplings were ok but the rest of the meal wasn't very nice! I was quite surprised as usually I love everything from M&S!
 Marks and Spencer Super Juice.

Another purchase from the staff shop. This was really tasty. It wasn't too thick (which I was expecting) It'd be nice to have for breakfast!
 Tesco Three Bean Enchiladas.

I really like these enchiladas. They're super quick to cook and quite mild too. I like them with a little bit of sour cream and salad.
 Coconut Milk.

I picked up a carton of this to try as a dairy free alternative to milk. I really enjoyed it. It is nice to drink by itself and it would go perfectly with muesli.
 Toast with Peanut Butter and Marmalade.

I have revisited an old favourite of mine. I used to live on this when I was at college! It's such a good combination! Yum.
Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream Company Strawberry Ice Cream.

Mum and I went to the Penistone Paramount cinema again last week to see The Five Year Engagement (I thought it was very funny!) We treated ourselves to an ice cream in the interval! It was delicious and creamy!

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