Monday, 9 July 2012

Mini Round Up 07/07/12

I thought I'd do a quick update of what I've been up to...
Last weekend I went along to the Ark Clothing warehouse sale which was near Leeds. There were some great bargains on offer... I think I'll do a separate post on some of the pieces I picked up...
If you missed out on the Ark warehouse sale, never fear! There is another one coming up!!
My Mum had got us tickets via a group buying website to go to the Penistone Paramount cinema.
We saw Rock Of Ages, which is possible one of the worst films I have ever sat through! It was pretty cringe worthy. Some parts were so bad, it made it good. Even Russell Brand didn't sway it for me!!
The cinema is pretty cool though! It's really old fashioned and there was an interval! :)
I received a package in the post from my friend Claire, who I went to Uni with. I loved the card she sent!
I loved these even more! :)
The weathers been pretty bad in Sheffield! This a picture from when it flooded a few years ago (it's actually Mr Pinklittlebeans housemates car/fishtank!) I hope it doesn't get as bad as this again!
On Friday I went along to Mr Pinklittlebeans sisters hen do! I'd done an early that day at work so was a bit tired out but had a nice time. We went for a meal.
I have been uploading loads of bits and pieces onto Big Wardrobe (a swapping website!)

I've received some nice bits and pieces already including clothes and MAC make up (for free!) 

Are you on Big Wardrobe? You can join here :)

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  1. That Ark clothing sale sounds amazing! Definatly going to check out the next one and Bigwardrobe sounds good too, i've just signed up! xo


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