Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mini Round Up 26/07/12

I spent Tuesday in hospital as I had an operation. I was allowed home on Tuesday night luckily. They sent me off with a "goody bag" of drugs... Which may explain my facial expression!
 I'm feeling pretty sore and spaced out today. I've been signed off work for two weeks so will probably spend some of it catching up with blogs, writing some posts and tweeting nonsense no doubt!

 It was my Mums birthday on Sunday and I bought her The Muppets dvd. I watched it when I got home and it made me giggle :)
 I was quite comfy perched in my little nest! 
A couple of weeks ago I went to the Bullring in Birmingham to a Nails Inc event in Debenhams. I had my nails "did" by someone else for the first time ever! I loved how my nails looked! I'll be doing a separate blog post about it...
 I bought this orchid about a year ago for 80p in the reduced section in Tescos and it's still going strong! I can't believe it! It's possibly the first plant I haven't managed to kill within a week!
 This weekend I went to Tramlines festival in Sheffield. It was glorious weather, so it was nice to be out and about in town! I saw a few different bands over the weekend in different venues but my favourite had to be We Are Scientists!

I also had a peek at Judy's Vintage Fair which was held in City Hall. There was a lovely lady called Kay doing vintage hair styling. Her's looked awesome! Her website is here if you wanted to take a peek!
 I saw a few different friends over the weekend. Unfortunately Mr Pinklittlebean had to work over the whole weekend! I caught up with my friend Heather who's back over from Australia. She plays in a band called The Monicans. I caught the end of their set at The Leadmill on Saturday night and they're really good!

I spent some of the weekend with my friend Corry. The above picture is of her teeny weeny nail! It's so tiiiiny!!! :)
 I picked up a set of 3 full sized Essie Nail polishes in TK Maxx for £9.99 including this one (Silken Cord) which I thought was pretty good!
 My hair is finally getting long enough to put it in a bun! I got a tiny donut thing to do it. I really like how it looks :)
 I caught the sun a bit over tramlines weekend and so my freckles have made an appearance!
 I am completely in love with the Vans and Hello Kitty collaboration at Schuh! I have managed to resist the temptation of buying anything so far though. What do you think of the collection?
Finally I have a bit of a plea! My friend Helen is moving to New Zealand in September and has had to make the difficult decision to leave her cats behind. She'd love for them to be re homed. Unfortunately I'm allergic to cats so can't help myself :( They are based in Sheffield at the moment. They are really funny furballs and very cuddly!

 Do you know anyone who might be able to help? :)


  1. Ahh the cats are adorable, I'm not too far away but sadly already have 2 cats who would not welcome new friends [they're very grumpy!], we got ours from a lovely cat shelter though if you'd like the details?x


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