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Missies Choccy Pud Inn - June 2012

A couple of weekends ago I managed to get myself a ticket for the fourth instalment of Missie's Pud Inn.

I was really excited as the previous 3 (the first being Missie's Pudding Club, the second Missie's Xmas Pud Inn and the third Missie's Fruity Pud Inn!) had been really fun and a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
The Golden Ticket!
Cindy had organised a seating plan for the fourth Pud Inn, which I thought was a nice touch and meant that you could mingle with new people!

I was sat with Chris (read some of his articles here!), James (check out his AWESOME artwork on his blog here!) and Callum (who takes ace photos!).
The tables were set up and looking organised (and ready for Pud Inn action!)
The score sheet! I filled mine in at the end so I could make comparisons...
I love that Cindy uses the Missie Cindz and Pud Inn branding throughout! :)
Pud Inn diners were treated to even more goodies! There was a chocolate fountain with all kinds of treats to dip in. I couldn't quite manage anything else unfortunately as I was verging on chocolate coma territory!
I decided to go for the "tactical" approach of having a cup of tea to go with my puddings!

So, on to the five courses...
Chocolate Tart with Macadamia Nuts served with Chocolate Chip Ice Cream made by The Rutland Arms head-chef Chef Mike

The chocolate in this was so rich but so good! The tart had an orange sugar on the top which complimented the rest of the flavours. The chocolate was thick and rich. I loved the macadamia nuts as they were the perfect combo together! The potion size was just right, I don't think I could have managed much more!
Sparkly Triple Belgium Chocolate Brownie topped with Milk, Dark and White Chocolate served with Seasonal Raspberries made by #Brownies

The brownie was just right for me. Sometimes I find them a little too rich and stodgy but it was quite light! I also loved the edible glitter/sparkle decoration! I think it would have been lovely with some creme fraiche to go with it too :)
White Chocolate Mousse Cupcake made by Hannah Hemmings and Leah Griffiths on behalf of The Broadfield Pub

This was so cute looking! The edible chocolate case looked ace and was really imaginative! The mousse was super sweet but quite light too. The raspberry went really well with the white chocolate. I wish I had been able to manage a bit more!
Chocolate Millionaire Pie served with Cream made by Charlotte Turner

The popcorn was a really unusual addition but went with the pie perfectly! The pastry was perfect and the combination was heavenly! I thought it might be a bit too heavy going for me but it was just right. It was sweet and light. This was my overall favourite from the day! :)
Rhubarb and Chocolate Mousse served with PJ Taste 'Surprises'! made by Peter Moulam of PJ Taste

I was really looking forward to trying the offering from PJ Taste as I enjoyed the pudding they created at the first Pud Inn I attended last year (beetroot and chocolate cheesecake!)! The combination was really interesting! I loved the tartness of the rhubarb alongside the chocolate. I'd never tried home made marshmallows before so it was nice to experience something totally different! The 'surprises' were chocolate coated elderflower tempura and white chocolate and elderflower foam! The pudding was really unusual and a lot of effort had obviously been put in!
I had a try of Callum's fish eye lens for the iphone... I totally want to get one now!!

I had a lovely afternoon once again at Missie's Pud Inn! It certainly was death by chocolate but in the best way possible! :)

A big thanks to Cindy for organising a fab afternoon! She puts so much passion and enthusiasm into the event and it is brilliantly organised. There is so much attention to detail and effort put into it all.

Also a big thumbs up to all the people who made the puddings! It's always nice to find out and sample things from local producers. They have stuck in my mind and I'm looking forward to trying more things made by them!

If you are interested in finding out more about Missie's Pud Inn, you can follow her on twitter @MissieCindz or use the hashtag #MissiesPudInn or you can join her mailing list by emailing

You can also read Cindy's blog post about the day here!

If you are in Sheffield or planning a trip, I would recommend visiting the Rutland Pub (it's really near the train station too if you are visiting!) they're a friendly bunch, do awesome food and nice cider (and beer!) too :)

One final mention! If you like Cindy's awesome art work and love food you should check out these t-shirts featuring her designs! :)

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