Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mini Round Up 28/08/12

I've had a busy couple of weeks again! Here's what I've been up to recently...
 I went down to London to see Blur at the Hyde Park gig. I got quite excited when I was given my own gold medal...!
 Hyde Park was rammed!
 Just before Blur came on there was a live link up to the Olympics closing ceremony...
 This was as near to the front as I was going to get! One of my friends I was with managed to get to the barriers!
 The gig was awesome! I've only seen a bit of a Blur set before at Glastonbury. Hyde Park was a bit crap itself (I think I'll remember it as the day we queued!) but the gig was brilliant.
My token Olympic photo!
 When I got back to Sheffield, my brother and his girlfriend had come to stay for a few days. They'd left this in my room for me!
 I didn't want to open it as it was wrapped so nicely!
 Jack's girlfriend works in Cath Kidston, she got me this and a spotty business card holder! I don't think I'd have any self control if I worked there! I'd want to buy everything!
  I had to restrain myself from eating this in one go. I nearly did and nearly fell into a diabetic coma in the process...!
  I also returned to a lovely package from Motel including this shirt! I had won a twitter competition they held and had chosen this as my prize! I love the shirt - it's very me! :)
 I went to Sheftival a few weeks ago (as mentioned in my previous post here!) - I found a few photos on my proper camera I thought I'd share...
 There were all kinds of activities going on at Don Valley Stadium...
 I liked watching the progress of this over the weekend!
 We managed to get on the buskers barge just before it left. It was a really cool way of watching a band!
 We saw two bands play on the short trip.
 The Noisettes weren't my favourite performers of the weekend but I liked the lead singers outfit!
 I saw Head Automatica at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham a few weeks ago too (and met Daryl Palumbo afterwards picture here!) I need to get back into going to more gigs!
 I had some rubbish news last week which was a real downer for me so I spent a few days looking at pictures of baby animals to cheer myself up! :)
 I did have some good news however, in the form of an unexpected tax rebate (hoorah!) I've decided what I'm spending it on already... ;) (These are from Firebox btw!) 
 I already own the Diana Mini but I NEED this Diana Baby in my life!! I also love the Fisheye Baby too!
 Mum and I embarked on a flat pack marathon putting together a bed for the spare room. It weighed a tonne (150kg to be precise!) and a total ball ache at the end, but we managed it! Can you spot the typo on the instructions? ;)
 Finally finished!
I picked these up in Tesco's for my Mum. They were reduced to £1.25 so I couldn't resist - how gorgeous are they? (And they lasted for ages too!)
Last weekend I went along to the Leeds Bloggers Meet Up, I'll be writing a separate post about this in the next couple of days! :)


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