Monday, 6 August 2012

Tapas at The Wick at Both Ends

Last Monday I met up with some friends for some food in the Wick at Both Ends in Sheffield. It was very tasty indeed! Here are a few pictures of what we all had...
Bloody Mary Stuffed Mushrooms
Bread Selection
Salt And Chili Squid
Mini Meat Pie
Three Way Squid
Moroccan Lamb
PJ Taste made us a lovely chocolate cheesecake to have for dessert!
It was Hannah's birthday :)
Gorgeous chocolate cheesecake!

Have you ever been to the Wick at Both Ends? Where would you recommend eating in Sheffield?


  1. I have raved about this place from the day they opened their kitchen up! Check out some new additions to the menu including All Day Breakfast salad. Honestly. I cannot wait to give that one a whirl!


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