Saturday, 4 August 2012

Wedding Fashion Inspiration featuring Irregular Choice

I've got quite a few weddings coming up in September and I'm beginning to think what I might wear to them.

I bought this dress from Topshop in the sale. I thought it would be nice to get a plain dress and then accessorise it with a statement bag or shoes and some jewellery.
I really like Irregular Choice's quirky designs. I'm looking for something a bit different to complement my outfit so I thought I'd show you some of my favourite pieces from the website. They've also got a sale on at the moment so I may be purchasing something to wear with my dress for the wedding!

Can't Touch This - £84.99 NOW £59.00
I love all of the detailing on these! I think these would be conversation starter shoes!
These would look lovely at the evening reception. They also look like they'd be a perfect height for dancing ;)

 Snoop - £139.00 NOW £98.00
I think these are fabulous. They are a total statement shoe!
 Mhari - £89.99
These would look fab accessorised with some gold bangles too. I love the jewels on them and the fuchsia pink colour.
 Cortesan Floral Bar - £78.00
I adore the brogue styling on these.
 Lego Quiche - £56.00 NOW £49.99
I think these are absolutely gorgeous. Here's to hoping for an Indian Summer come September!
 Royal Marriage - £79.99 NOW £55.00
These would really complement the blue dress.
Chilly Dog - £79.99
I couldn't not include these! They have skulls on! What more do I need to say?! :)
 Patty Clutch Bag - £40.00 NOW £32.00
I think this could give a little nod to the Jubilee and Olympics Summer theme. It's so pretty too.

Miaow Clutch Bag - £45.00
I think this would look great in the evening at the reception. I like the cat detailing and that it's subtle. I love the different textures too.
 Lola Clutch - £50 NOW £35
This is really pretty and not too over the top.
Twit Twoo Clutch - £50
This is so cute I couldn't not mention it!
I think this would really complement the blue in the dress. I love the detailing.
 Bow Diddly - £55.00 NOW £44.00
I love the bright colours in this bag.
I think this bag would look great in the evening at the reception.

Have you ever bought anything by Irregular Choice before? What do you think of my choices? Which would you choose to go with the dress?

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