Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Personal Planner Personalised Diary

I was lucky enough to receive a voucher to use on personal-planner in my goodie bag at the Leeds Bloggers Meet Up event a few weeks ago.
I couldn't wait to use it as I'd seen other bloggers who had used them before and thought they looked great!
I started my new job last week and I really wanted to make sure I was organised as I will be working more hours than I was before.
personal-planner is a website where you can design your own planner or notebook. From the size to having your name on the front (like mine), to what month your diary begins, a personal photo on the cover, special dates to remember down to what colour elastic closure, they've got it all covered!

The attention to detail is spot on - things that often get forgotten in diaries are there in black and white!
I loved how I could edit the layout of the diary exactly how I wanted it to be, with plenty of room to write in appointments, a space to write how many hours I've worked and a little to do list at the bottom!
I chose one of the designs from the collection specially created by graphic designer and illustrator Isabelle Norman Sällström and the theme is continual throughout. 
I am always writing to do lists for myself so this section is perfect for me! You can edit it accordingly to what you prefer. They even have spaces for workout plans if you are a gym bunny!
I had to include the packaging as I thought it looked really cute! :)
The order process was really straight forward and the website is so simple to use. My diary arrived in no time at all and I was really pleased with everything about it!


  1. I have been looking at this website and o it was good to read a review im thinking I might get one :)
    Laura x


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