Thursday, 11 October 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Pez from Cybercandy

With Halloween on the way, Cybercandy have all kinds of ghoulie goodies available, including these awesome Pez Halloween dispensers from the States...
I tried out the Pumpkin Pez from the Halloween collection. I was quite excited about trying it out as it was the American version and there were different flavoured sweets to what I’d tried in the UK.

The raspberry and strawberry Pez tasted really fruity and quite different to what I’d tried before but just as yummy! I’ve seen that there are all kinds of flavours available in the USA including chocolate, so I’d be interested in sampling them too!

The dispenser looks pretty cool and I loved how it glows in the dark which gave it an extra spooky feel!
 I adore Halloween. We usually go to Fright Night in Sheffield and last year I carved my first pumpkin!

I’ve got 9 nieces and nephews who we usually organise a Halloween Pumpkin piñata for. I think these will make the perfect prizes inside the piñata, especially as there are several designs to choose from. I think I’m going to have difficulty giving them away though!
I NEED to visit this place!
The Cybercandy packaging made me giggle :)
Alfie decided to join in and try on his outfit for Halloween...

Are you looking forward to Halloween? Do you have plans?

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