Monday, 8 October 2012

Missie Cindz Tea Party in the Park

Last week I attended another event organised by Cindy which was equally as awesome as the Pud Inn's I've attended!
The event was held at Endcliffe Park Cafe and had a "Tea Party in the Park" theme. It was to launch Cindy's stationary range (which you can find out more about here!) and was a lovely way to meet new people who are as equally enthusiastic about food!
I'd never actually been in Endcliffe Park Cafe but I'll definitely be returning!
I had a lovely evening and it was great to put names to faces/tweets!

There were all kinds of activities going on throughout the night and a lot of creativity had gone into organising it.

I tried some incredible Russian cake made by the lovely people at Cossack Cuisine (if you haven't tried Russian food before, seriously, what are you doing? Go try it now!), some gorgeous beetroot and feta pie made by the Broadfield and some fabulous treats made by PJ Taste.

The photo above is of some Florentine lollipops made by PJ Taste using local hazelnuts and chestnut flour!
Victoria Made created this marvellous book cake which looked almost too amazing to eat!
Myself, the lovely Emma of Oh Gosh and Cindy!

I can't wait for the next one!

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