Sunday, 28 October 2012

OOTD 28/10/12

Tonight I'm going out for a meal at the Wick at Both Ends for Keri's birthday (you can read her blog here!) This is what I'm wearing...
Thermal Tights(!): Primark
Black Biker Boots: Miss Selfridge
I thought the print of the playsuit was quite appropriate with it nearly being Halloween and that... Brrrains!
I had a similar pair of boots which I wore to death. So glad I managed to find a near identical replacement pair!
Token skull jewellery...!


  1. Love the playsuit! :)

  2. Super cute playsuit! Can't believe I've found another blogger from Sheffield, this has made my day. I've only ever been to the Wick at Both Ends for drinks, never for food. Any good?


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