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Trip to Berlin November 2012

A couple of weeks ago I went on a mini holiday to Berlin with a couple of friends.
I'd already visited in January and really enjoyed it but it was -14° so I was looking forward to seeing it when it was ever so slightly warmer!
 We managed to get a fairly cheap flight from East Midlands airport.
 We stayed in the Pfefferbett Hostel, which we booked through Hostel World. The Hostel was perfect. The location was brilliant for us - opposite the U-Bahn and near to bars etc.
It was good value - clean, secure and modern. I would definitely stay there again. The bar was also open 24 hours...
 Awful photo but thermal underwear FTW!
 On the first night we arrived we ventured out to get a bite to eat and have a quick beer or two. I'd heard lots of good things about White Trash and really wanted to pay a visit. It turned out it was about 500 metres away from our hostel! Win!
 There was a cool little band on while we were there. I really liked the atmosphere and it was totally my kind of place. There is a tattoo shop downstairs! Cue our first late night... 
 We had a look around a few of the different Xmas Markets that were on around Berlin. 
 The place looked so pretty. It definitely got me into the Xmas spirit!
 This looked awesome - totally regret not queueing up to have a go!
 We fitted in some site seeing while we were in Berlin and a fair bit of walking too.
 We were all surprised at how big the Holocaust Memorial is in real life and how you can easily get lost in it.
 We decided to go on one of the "Anti-Bar Crawls" held in Berlin. It seemed like a good idea to find our bearings and hopefully come across some cool bars in the process...
 One of the first bars we went into was like a dungeon! I can't for the life of me remember the name of it... All my pictures are quite bright as without a flash you couldn't see anything at all - kind of ruins the effect really so you'll have to take my word for it...
The "dungeon" with flash...
Myself & Claire on the tram!
 We visited Druide which is an Absinthe bar - we of course had to try some Absinthe while we were there. It would have been rude not to... ☺
 We went to another bar which was a bit like going into someone cellar. It was pretty cool!
 Derp face.
 The final place we ended up in was Kaffee Burger. We all really enjoyed it. We didn't get in until about 6:30am so it must have been good!

I would definitely recommend going on one of the Alternative/Anti-Bar Crawls. There was 28 people in our group so we met different people on the way round which was cool and got shown some places we wouldn't have even realise existed.
One of the girls who was guiding the group actually went to Uni in Sheffield and it turned out we had mutual friends - small world eh!
 The following day we were feeling a little worse for wear to say the least! We went to a really nice cafe over the road from the hostel. I had a fruit/rye bread sandwich which was awesome but I was in such a state from the night before that I didn't appreciate it as much as I probably should have...
 We did some wandering around the local area. There were loads of interesting looking places.
 In the evening we had a wander around the Xmas Market at Alexanderplatz. I really liked the atmosphere and mooching around the stalls.
 I loved the pretty merry-go-round!
 In the evening we went back to White Trash for some dinner. I had a veggie burger which tasted really good. This was a children's portion - it was massive! I didn't actually manage it...
 I kept an eye out for these "Stolperstein". In January I went on an Alternative Berlin walk and we were told about them. They are monuments created by Gunter Demnig commemorating victims of the holocaust.
 We had a wander up to the East Side Gallery. I love all the art work/graffiti.
 Token graffiti shot...
 ...And a token panoramic shot to boot.
 I need to sort through my photos I took in January - there is so much graffiti around Berlin - I love it!
 In the evening we ended up having a wander around the Kreuzberg area. We went into this place as I was drawn to the skulls...
 I loved the decor in here ☺ We had some cocktails which were incredible and so pretty damn good food too!
 I drank a fair bit of white beer over the few days we were in Berlin. I don't really go out much anymore in Sheffield (or drink a lot) but I really enjoyed it!
I can't remember the name of the bar I took this photo in but I liked the atmosphere and the music they had on too!
  I also rather liked this little fella who was on the wall behind us... Ha! ☺
 Our last night in Berlin! We ended up staying up til 4am and we had to get up at 6am for the flight. I thought I was going to die.
This is a view of some of the bars which were just down the street from our hostel.
We had such an awesome time there, one of the best holidays I've been on. I'm already planning on going back in the new year and hopefully the three of us will get to visit in the Summer too! ☺


  1. Such amazing pictures!! I've never thought of Berlin as a particularly good place to get trashed and party, but I may have to add it to the list now!

  2. The hostel looks fantastic! It is great that you booked in a hostel where it's near most of the visited tourist spots in Berlin. Most hostels today have their own bar. It attracts more tourists to stay in them because they don't have to go too far to get a beer, especially in the middle of the night. Do you travel a lot? Tell us more about your travels.

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