Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Not-So Mini Round Up 17/02/2013


I've had a pretty busy past few weeks so thought I'd do a mini round up of what I've been up to...
I guess unless you've been in hibernation, you would have seen all the snow we've had recently! It's ruined a few of my plans but I managed to get a snow day out of it, so all is not lost! 

The photo above is of where my office is - I was the only person who made it in that day and my boss called me to say I could go home if I wanted. It was pretty eerie and bleak looking!
A few weekends ago I went over to Leeds for the weekend for a mini uni reunion with my friends. We had a really fun time and I drank far too much...
The dress I wore is my absolute favourite at the moment. I'm hoping to find some skirts that suit me for a bit of a change. Any ideas of where to look/styles?
I spotted this in the toilets of one of the bars we were in - such a cool idea! 
I went for dinner with some friends at Zeugmas on London Road in Sheffield. It was the first time I'd been there and went for the veggie kebab. The portion was of epic proportions as you can see! It was so nice but I could have probably done with sharing it with someone...
My parents went away for a weekend so I was left to fend for myself. Cue lots of halloumi cheese based dishes...
...And pizza for breakfast after a night out!
I've also been pretty busy with my NEBOSH course that I'm doing for work. I'm finding it pretty heavy going and don't have that long left now until my exams which I'm a little nervous about!
I'm trying to cut down on my 957 cups of black coffee-a-day habit. I picked up some matcha powder when I went to the Japan Centre last. I do like the taste but need some ideas of how else to serve it? I've been having it in my orange juice which is pretty tasty.
I've started going to the gym at least twice a week since January. It's the first time I've actually stuck at it and I'm really enjoying it now/not making excuses not to go! :)

I need some ideas for workout playlists, as you can see from my choice above it was one of the campest workouts in a while...
I had a little cry that I didn't manage to get tickets for Fall Out Boy at the Underworld but I'm hoping to get Leeds Festival tickets so I can see them then.

I've got a few gig tickets booked now (including Queens of the Stone Age in Berlin, Yellowcard, Finch, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Eels) but would like to get myself going to some more gigs this year!
I finally had a mini tour of the stately home next to where I work which was pretty cool!
And I finally visited Tamper Coffee in Sheffield to meet some friends. I'll definitely be going back!
I love it when you discover things you've never spotted before in Sheffield like this graffiti by Phlegm...
...And this by Kid Acne too!
I had a sort through my food cupboard and realise it looks a little bit like a 5 year olds.
Mum made us some "Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle" pancakes last week 
I had a stroll home in the snow and looked like a snowman by the time I got back!
I made this for the office at work but I'm half tempted to turn it into a bob-sleigh if it snows again...
I went out last night for a friends 21st birthday and this is what I returned home to... It's nice to see that someone is excited to see me! 

I've got a few other bits and pieces to share with you too but I will write about them in separate posts!

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  1. so much amazing looking food! x

  2. Tamper is amazing! Love the staff and love the coffee :)

    1. Yes! I can't I hadn't been sooner! Love it! ☺ X


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