Monday, 18 February 2013


This past year I’ve had some pretty big changes. I moved back in with my parents after 9 years of living away from home, started a new job (that I love) and some other things along the way too.

I learnt to drive when I lived in Cornwall and passed when I was 17. I lived in a very rural area and so it was pretty much a necessity to learn to drive! I only actually drove for a short time after that and then moved up to Sheffield to start university.
I haven’t actually been behind the wheel of a car for 10 years now, which is a pretty scary thought.

Up until now I’ve not really needed to have a car as I’ve either walked everywhere or got public transport. I always thought that there wasn’t really any need for me to have a car.

As I mentioned, I moved back home. I’m living a bit further out of Sheffield now. Things aren’t really within walking distance (work, the gym, town). I have to rely on lifts a lot which is obviously a bit meh as a 28 year old.

All of a sudden my attitude towards driving again has changed and I feel like I might get a bit of independence back if I got myself back behind the wheel.

My Mum suggested that I could get insured on her car and use it to get about.

I’m now looking into where I would get new car insurance as I’m a bit out of the loop! And possibly some refresher lessons too...

Do you drive? Do you enjoy it? Who do you get your insurance with?


  1. *Coughs* both in our late twenties and back living with our parents... This is the future... xo

    1. Haha! Yup! Living with parents is the new... Black?! 😉 X

  2. I love driving! I hate being without my car (when the mr takes it to work and I'm not!)
    I live quite rural/out of town, but its only a ten minute drive and the bus is every hr so not too bad, but at 16/17 this was ok, I didnt feel the need to drive.. it was more my dad that pushed me to apply for licence and learn to drive.. he taught me andI had a few lessons with an instructor. I passed second time. I was quite a tomboy at this time and got into the 'car scene'. I actually was only my second car by the time I'd passed my test, I then kept that for another 6 months and bought my pride and joy 2 seater sports car at 22 and in the last 6 years I've had 5 more cars. (soon to b 6 when I change my current this sept!lol)
    I've always shopped around for insurance, I'd hate to be a new driver, insurance prices are silly at the moment! My current insurance I got through Compare the Meerkat (sorry, market). I find the comparrison sites really helpful. Auto Trader also have a link to their own comparrison site which is good.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions!

      I'm going to have a couple of refresher lessons soon - hopefully that may help! X


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