Monday, 4 March 2013

A Mini Round Up 04/03/2013


A quick round up of what I've been up to recently...
I went for a night out with some of my old work mates for one their 21st birthdays. I miss them a lot!
Becoming a little obsessed with these little critters... I've got 4 left to collect! 
Being ill with tonsillitis - boo! 
Catching up with my friend Corry/sushi date...
Having a quick (massive) cup of tea and chat with Cindy.,,
Munching on scones that Chef Mike kindly made us 
Alfie keeping me company while I was ill 
Watching Sound City. If you like music, definitely go see it. As if I needed any more reason to love Dave Grohl! ♥ 
It was my brothers birthday last week. Well. It wasn't a proper birthday as he was born on a leap year so won't have a proper one until 2016 now... I love this photo 
My brother had some pretty exciting news too... He proposed to his girlfriend & she said yes! Eeeeeeee!!! 
Getting ill again/back to the walk in centre 
Cheering myself up by buying Leeds Festival tickets! So excited about it..! Are you going to any festivals this year?
Realising that my hair style is the same as when I was 5... Derp.
Using the power of twitter/instagram to help me decide on an outfit for a gig... I'm pinklittlebean on there too if you want to help me with future wardrobe related decision making exercises... 
I bloody love Beastie Boys so couldn't resist this t-shirt 


  1. Aww I love the yellow hat and the heart print dress. I thought that giant cup of tea was a bowl of soup to begin with, until I read the text :)

    1. Thank you ☺

      Yeah the cup of tea was pretty gigantic!! X

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Looks like you've been having fun! x

    1. Definitely! ☺

      I split up with my boyfriend of nearly 9 years a few months ago so trying to keep myself busy! It's working! X


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