Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Mini Round Up 05/05/2013


Hope that you're having a fab bank holiday weekend!

I've been pretty busy again but have spent this afternoon catching up on some blogging so will hopefully have a few posts scheduled for the next couple of weeks...

Here's what I've been up to! 
 My third trip to Berlin is go! I'm going over in June with my friend Claire, my brother & his friend. We've got tickets to see Queens of the Stone Age while we're there. I can't wait!
 A few weeks ago I went over to Harrogate for the weekend for my Uni friends wedding. We met in this pub before the ceremony. I liked it because there were badgers...
  I had a really lovely time with my friends and danced quite a bit 
I can't believe it's been 10 years since we started at University! Time flies...

 The wedding cake was made of cheese. Actual cheese!!
 I become a little bit addicted to these at work...
 Mum & I went down for a quick trip to London. We went to the Doctors, Dissection & Resurrection Men exhibition at the Museum of London. It was pretty cool. 
 I caught up with my friend Keri in Tamper Coffee.
My pet tortoise is out of hibernation! It's nice to see the weather is improving! 
I went to the opening of the new Boux Avenue store in the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds...
If you haven't been in a Boux Avenue before, you must. It's absolutely gorgeous. The changing rooms are awesome, they remind me of a hotel suite. No fumbling round and asking for things through a curtain here!

The underwear is perfect too...
I love this Pete Mckee art on the side of Fagans in Sheffield 
I've finally bitten the bullet and started driving again! I passed my test 11 years ago but hadn't driven for 10. I  am a bit of a nervous wreck when it comes to driving. I learnt in Cornwall and have never driven in a "proper" city.

I booked a few refresher lessons and they've actually gone pretty well! I just need to build my confidence up. I've driven myself to work a couple of times now which may not seem like a big deal but if you know me, you'll know that it is!!
The sky was looking amazing last week in the evening over Sheffield! 
 I've started going to a local jogging group. I'm really enjoying it so far! Last Sunday I went for a jog on my own and did 6 miles in just over an hour. Considering I couldn't jog the length of myself about 6 months ago I'm quite happy with that! The only negative thing is that I have a black toenail. Ouch!!
 I was super excited this week to have managed to get hold of tickets for the Fat Freddy's Drop album release show. I'm hoping to go to the gig in Manchester later on in the year too. If you haven't seen or heard them before, you MUST! 
I had to go on an Emergency First Aid at Work course this week. This actually happened. I can first aid you now.
On Thursday I went over to Leeds to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with the lovely Michelle!

They were incredible. I now want to be Karen O. 
 Myself & Michelle of Satchels & Pearls
Yesterday I went over to Leeds again to go to Live at Leeds. I had a really fun day and caught a few different bands including Savages. I'll be writing a separate post about it soon!

I'm off to Leeds again later to see The Vaccines, I can't wait!

What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Aww i'm oobbbeerrr jelous you 2 went to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, congrats on even getting tickets :)



    1. Heh, I actually got the tickets off ebay at the last minute! Definitely worth it though :) x


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