Thursday, 16 May 2013

Live at Leeds 2013

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to go along to Live at Leeds 2013.
I had decided that I was going to go along at the last minute so hadn't had much time to look at who was playing. I had seen that there were a few bands on that I'd not seen before like the sound of so was looking forward to checking them out...
Little Comets

Little Comets were the first band we saw when we arrived. They were playing at the O2 Academy. I'd heard the name before but I didn't think that I'd heard any of their music. It turns out that once they started playing I recognised their songs. I really like them, especially "A Little Opus"! I'd definitely like to watch them again. The crowd was really good too.
Sweet Baboo

I'd heard a few songs by Sweet Baboo on 6 Music and like the sound. He was playing at the Wardrobe, where I'd been once before for a Burlesque night. It's a pretty cool little music venue and reminds me a bit of the Boardwalk in Sheffield. I was surprised when it was just 3 people playing as the music I'd heard before, there seems to be quite a bit going on. The set was brilliant. It was totally different to what I imagined but really fun. I ended up buying a CD afterwards. My favourite song is "Let's Go Swimming Wild".
The 1975

We were lucky enough to have wristbands that let us skip the queues. There was a ginormous one outside the Cockpit, which made it one in one out so we saw about 5 minutes of the 1975 set...

I really wanted to catch Savages as they're another band that I've heard quite a bit from on 6 Music and my boss saw them in the week & said they were good. They were playing in Stylus, a venue I'd not been in before (and was a bit confused how to get downstairs as it was pretty packed at the time!) The only way to describe the set is intense! They were absolutely awesome. I think there are definitely a lot of influences from Joy Division (or Xmal Deutschland) but in a good way. I think that "She Will" is definitely my favourite track by them.
Dutch Uncles

I stayed in Stylus to watch Dutch Uncles. I couldn't really decide whether I like their sound or not. They are good, but I don't think they're really my cup of tea. I do like the use of  xylophone! The band seemed really fun... The lead singers dancing was pretty special too.
The Walkmen

The final band we caught were The Walkmen, again in Stylus. We didn't stay for the whole set as I wasn't feeling too well but what we saw of them was great. I love their song "The Rat" so was pretty happy that they played it a few songs in! They were really energetic, the crowd were going mad and the atmosphere was really good too!
Cornish Pasty FTW! 


  1. Very jealous, I love The Walkmen!

  2. I love The Walkmen, none of my friends have heard of them yet there an amazing band!!


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