Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Breakfast Club, Shoreditch

A month or two back I went down to London for the day to have some work done on my tattoo.
I also caught up with the lovely Cindy as I hadn't seen her since she moved down a month or two before.
Cindy said that she was going to take me somewhere new, so when she mentioned the Breakfast Club I could barely contain my excitement.
Cue me downloading their menus during my lunch breaks that week and oggling over what I might choose... I'm so glad I did in advance because I wanted to choose EVERYTHING, which is so unlike me as I'm such a fuss pot usually!
So, I made a decision and went for pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (or bacon pancakes as I get stuck in my head...!) and Cindy had their All American...
Mine! Sooo goooood! ♥
I don't usually make a habit of hanging out in loos, but the wallpaper in theirs is AWESOME!! ☺
We went to their Shoreditch cafe, but there are a few dotted around London.
I loved it there and would definitely make the trip back!

The same weekend I went to see Everly Pregnant Brothers at the Devil's Arse Cavern, which was so much fun (if you haven't heard or seen any of their stuff, check em out on youtube, they're hilarious!) and the venue was INCREDIBLE! ☺


  1. ooh I love it there, I always have a strawberry milkshake and all American.

  2. I really want to go there, I keep meaning to everytime in London! The loo's look fab aha! xo


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