Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A (not so) Mini Round Up 06/11/2013

Once again I've been pretty busy so thought I would do a round up of what I've been up to...
I've been to a few gigs including Swim Deep at Queens Social Club in Sheffield. It was the first time I'd been to the venue & I enjoyed it. 

The gig was ace and I think that the swimming badges are my favourite items of merch that I've seen for a while!
Visiting Manchester/drinking rum...
Spotting more Kid Acne stuff around Sheffield...
Getting my bubble tea fix!
We had a wander round Sheffield Food Festival while it was on and picked up some delicious Russian cake from Cossack Cuisine (you have to try the honey pie... It's amazing!) and Chinese cake from Cake R Us on London Road.
Doing ma nails!
My boyfriend & I finally had a wander around the gardens near where I work - they are gorgeous!
We went to see Fat Freddy's Drop in Manchester. It was possibly THE warmest & sweatiest gig I have ever attended but they were awesome!
More eating. I finally tried Yee Kwan's black sesame ice cream alongside my favourite lychee flavour. It is gorgeous!
Having brunch in Sellers Wheel (Tamper Coffee's new venture). I'm hoping to go again this weekend!
There's a theme here... I finally got round to trying a bronut and bloody hell it was worth the wait! I tried a banoffee flavour one. You can pick them up in Sellers Wheel and The Forum in Sheffield on a Friday. You need one in your life. And maybe bring me one while you're there? Ta.
Getting ready for winter/indulging my inner goff with these new gloves from ASOS. I think I'm in love 
Eating & drinking my way round the Northern Quarter in Manchester. I love it there - so many cool places!
Seeing this face! 
Offering these to the spider gods in the hope they leave me alone! 

I've had several MASSIVE buggers in my room. Not cool. NOT cool.
My mum picked me up this amazing new glass! 
Watching the brilliant Everly Pregnant Brothers at the Lyceum. It was such a funny gig (I'll never be able to listen to "Get Lucky" in the same light after their reworking...!) and a beautiful venue.

Subscribing to Netflix. Goodbye social life! Hello breaking bad and hibernation!
Getting into the Halloween mood...
Going to see this!
I bought tickets the day they went on sale and ended up snaffling front row seats somehow!

I spent the duration of the show terrified I would get picked on but luckily avoiding it! 
The show itself was bloody hilarious. He's was so funny - I spent the entire show in stitches.
This years Halloween nails offering!
I found out some very exiting news that one of my best friends got engaged last week! I am over the moon for them and went out for a celebratory drink on Saturday night. 

I was also doubly excited as I have been asked to be a bridesmaid! ☺
Some more exciting news for me in the form of getting a place in the 2014 Berlin Marathon! My experience of the Great North Run was a really positive one and I wanted to enter something again to have as a goal to keep me motivated.

Now I need to get my arse in gear & back out running!

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