Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hello Netflix! Goodbye Social Life!

My laptop is on its last legs. It’s served me pretty well. It got me through my masters degree at uni. It's survived several years of abuse. To be honest nowadays I rarely use it apart from sticking my photos onto the ever strained hard drive.
If I'm sat at home on an evening I'm usually in bed checking whatsapp/Facebook/twitter/Instagram/emails on my phone constantly rather than getting my laptop out.
As a result of this constant usage, the battery life of phone is leaving a lot to be desired!
I'd thought about getting a tablet to use in the evening instead of hammering my phone. I decided to go for a HP Slate 7 from Argos.
I've always gone for HP laptops & printers so it was a brand that I trust.
The setup of the tablet was super quick and easy. I'm talking less than 5 minutes quick.
The amount of gadgets I have had in recent years that require you to have a PhD in 'setting up said new gadget" is unreal...
The first thing I want to say is LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL AND RED IT IS!
I subscribed to and downloaded the Netflix app. Goodbye social life. Hello Breaking Bad/hibernation!
I now have a massive list of films, documentaries and series I’d like to watch in the coming months...
I'm visiting New York at the end of November and although I am planning on being busy I would like the option of keeping in touch with my Mum and friends as I will be travelling on my own.
The Skype app is perfect for keeping in touch with friends & family on the go.
My only gripe is that there currently isn’t a Blogger or Instagram app compatible with the device but they are viewable on the browser. I’m sure this is something that may be developed in future.
As you can see, the tablet takes up minimal room and it weighs very little so is perfect for popping in my handbag and will be ideal for my hand luggage as it's not cumbersome at all.

I would have no hesitation in popping it in my handbag on the go, whereas with my laptop I was always a little apprehensive of lugging it anywhere outside.
I go away quite a lot, either visiting my boyfriend or popping down to London to visit friends or go to gigs. This will be a welcome addition to my bag, especially on the dreaded 4 hour long megabus journeys! (Thank god for free wifi on most of the buses!)

Which are your favourite apps to use?

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  1. I'm obsessed with Netflix! I prefer watching it on my iPad than my laptop anyway when I'm in bed, seems a lot cosier. Also, if you do end up watching it on your laptop, download the 'Hola Better Internet' extension for Chrome. US Netflix!!!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog


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